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Autumn Term 2004
The World Cultures badge This term we gained our World Cultures badge.
The World Cultures badge
13th September: Space themed meeting

Initially we gave names to our new mascots. We then played a game called Space Stations. Each six collected 'moonrocks' (penny coins). When Panther shouted "red alert" everyone had to get to a ship or space station (hoola-hoops) as quickly as possible. The ships and space stations could only hold two people. Whoever was left outside the ship suffered some kind of injury (e.g. asteroids collided with your left leg, you must hop from now on). The winning six was the one with the most moonrock at the end of the game. After the game we made constellation telescopes and dancing aliens.
20th September: Cooking with night-lights

We started the meeting by playing Fishes and Mother Hen. We then used night lights to cook mini pancakes and smores. We finished the meeting by singing Everywhere We Go and Cookie Jar.
27th September: Secret Agent Games

First we practiced our observation ability by playing Kim's game. We then split into two teams and were given missions. We went under cover to speak to a 'foreign diplomat' and 'business woman' to try and find out more about opperation 'bang' (which turned out to be a fire works display). We then decoded some messages that had been sent to a mole or double agent within our agency. From these we discovered that opperation 'boom' was going to happen that evening at 7 pm. We quickly searched the desk of the 'mole' and found plans of our building, with a map showing possible places to plant a bomb. The first team to locate and diffuse the 'bomb' won the game. At the end of the meeting we improved our reaction ability by playing trains and our ability to spot the traitor in our midst by playing wink murder and werewolves. (Although Panther suspects our stunning ability to spot the werewolf every time was due to certain people cheating!)
4th October: Fun at the Fair

Making balloon animals balloon modelling 

We began the meeting with a game that involved hunting for 10 letters (which spelled fairground) and making animal balloons. We then played various fairground games and had our faces painted.

apple bobbing taking the malteser from the flour eating donuts drop the penny
giant hoopla higher or lower get the beanbag in the hole

11th October: Games, Postcards and Masks

Writing postcards Making masks

For the first half of the meeting we played games. We played duck and goose, Wee Willy Winky, mother hen and the music man. The Acorns and Oaks then made masks for next week's play, whilst the Kestrals and Eagles wrote postcards for the postcard exchange.
18th October: Drama using transformation masks

At the start of the meeting we played a relay game that used feathers and Fishes. We then rehearsed a play based on a native American story called Fox and Rabbit. We performed the play by torch light, using the transformation masks we made last week. We finished the meeting by singing some Brownie songs and enrolling two new Brownies.
8th November: Divali celebrations

Making divali lamps  Making Divali fridge magnets

The Brownies voted to play Chinese Laundary at the start of the meeting. We then talked about Divali and looked at a statue of Laxmi. We played a game based on the story of Rama and Sita, made Divali lamps out of clay and coloured in Divali fridge magnets.
15th November: More Divali celebrations

rangoli pictures

We started the meeting with an enrollment. Our newest Brownie then chose the game Mother Hen. After that we played Wee-Willy-Winky. We then painted our Divali lamps and looked at Rangoli pictures, using them as inspiration for our own pictures using coloured sand. We finished the meeting by trying on a Sari.
15th November 2004: District Disco
22nd November 2004: Thanksgiving

Making our Thanksgiving Turkey napkin holders Our finished thanksgiving Turkeys

After looking at the postcards that had arrived from our postcard exchange and the letters our Californian pen-friends had sent, we played hunt the Turkey. We then listened to a talk by one of our Mums who is from the US. She told us all about Thanksgiving and showed us how to make a Turkey napkin holder. She also brought in some pumpkin bread which was really yummy! We finished the meeting with a game of Wee-Willy-Winky.
6th December: Chanukkah

playing the driedel game making chandles Making candles with molding wax An almost finished candle (before the wick is cut)

We started the meeting by learning the dreidel song and game. We then talked about the Menorah and used molding wax to make candles. We made apple and cinnamon Latkes and watched the Rugrats Chanukkah special. Most of us thought the latkes were really yummy.

making latkes eating laktes whilst watching the rugrats Channukah special eating latkes
13th December: Kwanza-Christmas party

kwanza picture  santa picture bbc children in need

We ate mince pies and chocolate log, made Christmas decorations (from a choice of Kwanza themed paper chains, ball-ball and hamma bead Christmas tree decorations,  Swedish doves and Christmas cards), tried Christmas and Kwanza themed wordsearches and played games like tip-it, Mancala and Jenga. We finished the meeting by saying goodbye to one of our older Brownies - we will all miss her. During the evening we held a raffle to raise money for Children in Need. We raised £8.
18th December: Trip to London

at icandotable football at ICANDOat the foot of the London Eye

We saw the palace, visited ICANDO and flew on the London Eye.
For more information see our trips section.

 on the Eye on the eye

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