The Theory of Stuff

Tomb headpiece The Theory of Stuff is something developed, over the years, by a group of us (including, but not limited to, Dan McNeil, Michaela Brown, Eleanor Casey and Gareth Taylor). It goes as follows.

It goes without saying that you can never have enough Stuff. It is impossible to emphasise this too much: you can never have enough Stuff. If someone tells you, "Oh, I've got too much Stuff", then don't believe them. They are wrong, and you are right. And you can never have enough Stuff.

Many people instinctively grasp this concept, but few dignify is as a Theory. And anyway, they always get the terminology wrong. Come and worship at the Church of Stuff. Bow down and admit it: your teddy bear is Stuff, your new haircut is Stuff, The Matrix is full of Stuff, and Judi Dench is particularly good Stuff.