: Covid-19 weeknotes 18

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Friday 24th July, 2020
  1. Finished Warrior Nun, which has a title character who is neither a warrior nor a nun. No dinosaurs, either. Beautiful, and with much to like about it except for the plot which I felt was disappointing and poorly-paced.

  2. Following that, have watched both seasons of The Order. First season did everything I wanted it to, second season was fun but a bit less together. Feels like the difference was that the world got bigger in the second year, but wasn’t as well fleshed out and perhaps wasn’t seeded in the first year as much as it should have been. But hey, sometimes you get picked up for another season. No dinosaurs, though. Here’s hoping for the third season.

  3. Not sure if lockdown has ended, although it definitely feels like the government want it to be today. (Mind you, they’ve already started being cute about when it started.) I previously decided I’d count until I go back into the office; we’ve just announced a return to office date of mid-August, although it’s voluntary and in any case only 25% of us can go back on any given day.

  4. Apparently the average length of principal photography for a Hollywood movie is 106 days, or about fifteen weeks. But you have more than that in pre-production, so if I’d started on a film on January 1st, I wouldn’t get into post until early September. (September 8th if you follow the averages exactly.)

  5. So maybe I should stay out of the office until then. That would be around 25 weeks in total, which isn’t quite enough time to grow a baboon and in any case if you’re still inside by then you should hold out for another month so you get a grizzly bear.

  6. I may not really understand how we get new mammals.

  7. But by then, the NHS assures me, a human fetus is the size of a butternut squash and the weight of a small chicken. This is a weird thing to point out, because at about 1.2kg it is also the weight of an average butternut squash.

  8. Last Saturday I spent the afternoon sitting outside with friends, talking, sipping cider, and exchanging presents (in strictly decreasing order of proportion of overall activity). It was pleasantly relaxed, helped by being in a small park in a residential development. Not gated; anyone can wander in. But a little secluded.

  9. More lockdown impro. Recorded a while ago, but freshly edited and released for your listening pleasure. Although we’re definitely going through an existential dread phase, so perhaps not for your relaxed listening pleasure.

  10. Our weekly office happy hour continues to be fun and moderately well-attended. Today we talked about slugs.

Stafe safe. Wear your mask. Wash it, if you haven’t been. Seriously, that’s gross.