James Aylett: Django files at DUTH

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Saturday 7th November, 2015

On Friday I gave a talk at Django Under The Hood on files, potentially a dry and boring topic which I tried to enliven with dinosaurs and getting angry about things. I covered everything from django.core.files.File, through HTTP handling of uploads, Forms support, ORM support and on to Storage backends, django.contrib.staticfiles, Form.Media, and out into the wider world of asset pipelines, looking at Sprockets, gulp and more, with some thoughts about how we might make Django play nicely with all these ideas.

You can watch the talk online thanks to the fine folks at opbeat, and follow along with my slides. If you want to just read, then check out my slides, with presenter notes (otherwise they’re pretty opaque). The talk seemed to be well received, and there’s a host of interesting questions and ideas buzzing around as a result.

Today I’m at the sprints, so maybe we’ll be able to take some of these ideas further.