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One day there may be a picture of me here.

Hello. I am Verity Allan, a former student of St Cross College Oxford, Christ's College Cambridge and the Open University. Before I joined the happy world of work, I wrote a thesis, The theological writings of the Venerable Bede and their manuscript presentation, with special reference to the Gospel homilies. What this means is that I spent my time looking at manuscripts, and reading Latin, but I'm now exploring the real world. I'm currently working as a QA person, testing out software before it gets unleashed on an unsuspecting public. I've also done work in technical support and documentation writing.
This site is currently under development, mostly when I'm not working.

My research interests include: Bede, palaeography and Old Norse Romance literature.  Other stuff I consider to be cool and worth investigating include: the Capetian kings of France, Beowulf, the 100-years wars, the Roman Empire from Augustus to Vespasian, early Christianity, early Islam, Shakespeare, English drama in general, the metaphysical poets, computer security, human-computer interaction,group theory (mathematics) and data structures and algorithms. 

In my spare time I go walking, and play strategy board games.  I even win at them sometimes. 

I have finally finished my M.Litt., and have just gained a first class degree in Computing and Mathematical Sciences with the Open University (December 2012). And here it is in glorious technicolour: one thesis. We also have my undergraduate thesis on Bede's commentary on the Six ages of the World in In Genesim. I make an assertion regarding the date of composition of the commentary that I no longer think is correct; however, the rest still stands.

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  • A collection of photos of (mostly) medieval sites for education and general interest
    The photos were all taken by yours truly.
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