British Brownies
Pack Holiday

As well as weekly meetings British Brownies enjoy lots of trips, Adventure days, sleepovers, camps and Pack Holidays. When going on Pack Holiday Brownies go to a specially designed house where there is room for everyone to sleep. The length of the holiday can vary, but most Units go for a long weekend. These are four of the houses available.

Pax Wood Hall Pax Wood House
Hornhill Activity Centre
Hamlet Wood
Pax Wood Hall
Pax Wood House
Hamlet Wood

The Brownies choose a theme and the entire holiday is based around that theme.

Before the holiday starts they make charts, posters and placemats.


On Pack Holiday there are lots of games to play and things to make.

Playing games  Playing games  Making things  Making things  Dressing up

The Brownies are divided into special sixes just for the holiday. Each six is given a name connected to the theme. As a six Brownies help to cook, wash up and keep the house tidy.

Making sandwiches  Serving the food  Peeling potatoes  Hanging up the T-towels  Washing up

Everyone agrees the menu beforehand, so no-one goes hungry.


When it is hot the Brownies often have a water fight and eat outside.


Units with nice leaders have midnight feasts!


Sometimes Brownies will go on trips whilst on Pack Holiday.


During the holiday Brownies earn badges. The Brownie Holiday badge is specially for Pack Holidays.

To see what 5th Rainham Brownies have done whilst on Pack Holiday visit their website

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If you are looking for ideas for Pack Holiday themes visit Brownie Resources

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