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Harry Potter


Lord Voldemort has placed a curse on Dumbledore. He is currently unconscious, but without an antidote he will be dead in little over an hour. In their sixes the 'wizards' must work togther using the knowledge in their books to make the antidote.

This game is semi-free form which means there is some flexibility as to which tasks need to be completed and there is no set order in which to attempt them - the girls have to work it out for themselves.

Setting Up the Game

Equipment needed
: 1 copy of Wizarding Notes for each six, a cauldron or bowl for each six, 11 Galleons for each six, 1 pencil for each six, approximately 30 scrolls with the names of different spells on (rolled up paper with coloured bands wrapped round), 10 spell ingredients to match the list in 'Wizarding Notes' (add colouring and flavouring to water for most), short spells written in code (e.g. backwards, with numbers instead of letters and using one letter on for each letter), 3 unicorn pictures printed or stuck onto card, 4 job notices, a torch, 1 egg dyed purple for each six, several nightlights, matches, a water pistol, lemonade, cranberry juice, vinegar, pineapple juice, red food colouring, blue food colouring, bircardbonate of soda, yogurt-jelly-custard mix, 12 Doxy pictures for each six.

The Minister for Magic: If possible the Minister of Magic should also have an assistant as this is where the girls will spend much of their time. The job notices should be pinned up on a notice board or laid out on a table. The activities needed should be spaced out. The 30 scrolls should be placed in one area, the spell ingredients should be placed in another and the coded spells should be placed in a third. The Minister for Magic will also need a precise message to be memorised by the girls and taken to the unicorns (e.g. 'He Who Must Not Be Named is back, will you join with us?') and all the Galleons not handed out initially. When groups complete a job they should be paid.

Hagrid: Hagrid will take the girls out into the Forbidden Forest. Before the game starts she should hide 3 unicorns around the grounds. When the Brownies want to go into the Forbidden Forest they will find her. She will need a torch. She needs to know the message to be given to the unicorns to check that they gave it correctly. If asked she can explain that the Ministry of Magic do not trust her to give the message as she was expelled from Hogwarts.

Professor Trelawney: She will be on hand to look into her crystal ball to give advice to those who are stuck. Before the game she needs to hide a nest of Dragon's Eggs and set up several nightlights near by. When the Brownies come to her to ask where the dragon is she must fake a vision and show them where the dragon is. She will need to have matches and a water pistol with her. The Brownies must shot at the flame (one each) until it goes out. They have then extinguished the dragon's firey breath so they can move a little closer. The dragon still has very sharp teeth, so unless they sing it to sleep it will attack. If the Brownies have read the information about the dragon they should know they need to sing to it. If not the dragon attacks and one member of their six must hop or use one arm as the other arm/leg has been bitten off!

A Shop Keeper: Before the game starts a table will need to be placed in 'Diagon Alley'. All the ingredients should be laid out along with price labels. The ingredients are Troll's spit - 1 Galleon per 100ml (Lemonade), Mermaid Vomit - 1 Galleon per dessert spoon (a mix of yogurt, custard and lumps of jelly), Bat's Blood - 1 Galleon per 100ml (cranberry juice), Unicorn Urine - 1 Galleon per 100ml (vinegar), Willow-hog juice - 1 Galleon per 100ml (pineapple juice with blue food colouring), Moonshine dust - 1 Galleon per heaped teaspoon (bicarbonate of soda). NB: They need more than 100ml of some of the ingredients, so make sure they are buying enough! Alternative ingredients can be used but try to make the liquids acidic as this makes the mixture bubble lots when the bicarb is added.

Filch: Before the game starts this character should hide Doxys around the area set out as Hogwarts. During the game they should keep an eye out that anyone touching a Doxy without drinking the potion or touching a Doxy after drinking the potion more than five minutes ago will fall asleep for a timed two mintutes. They should give they the bad news and time their peaceful slumber. This character can be dropped if there are not enough helpers.

Starting the Game: Tell the Brownies the bad news about Professor Dumbledore and add that Voldemorts followers have let hundreds of Doxys (which are poisonous) into Hogwarts. Give each Six a copy of 'Wizard's notes', a cauldron, 3 Galleons and a pencil. Introduce the characters and explain where Diagon Alley, The Ministry of Magic, The Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts is. Explain that all the information needed to make the antidote is contained in the Wizard's notes, that they must not go into the Forbidden Forest without Hagrid, that ingredients can be bought from Diagon Alley and that extra money can be earnt by doing jobs for the ministry of magic.

Winning: The winning six is the first one to complete the potion.

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