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Adventure on the High Seas


Each six is a crew of Spanish sailors hoping to be recuited by a medieval Spanish merchant. They must demonstrate their sailing skills by completing 7 tasks.

Equipment needed

Sliced cork with pre-made holes, iron nails, magnets, a large bowl of water, constellation signs, consellation sheets, ship objects, wood, hammers, nails, sweet laces of different thicknesses, whistle, crew instructions, at least 1 torch, pens. It also needs to be dark outside.

Playing the game

Explain the premise. Play the whistle call game with all the Brownies and then hand each six a sheet with the instructions on. Each six should follow the order of the tasks on their sheet. The last task for all the groups will be making up a story. When they have finished, get the Brownies back into a horseshoe and listen to their tall tales. Select the team you would most like to have crew your ship (e.g. excellent team work, completed the tasks well etc) and award them a certificate or small prize.

Learning whistle calls

This is tested by playing a game. Tell the Brownies the different whistle signals and what they mean. When you give the signal ask each Brownie to do a particular action. For example,

Making a compass

Slice pieces of cork and give one to each Brownie along with a nail that contains iron (if it sticks to a magnet it should be OK). They should stroke along the length of the nail with a magnet about 50 times. They must always stroke in the same direction each time. The Brownie should then push the nail through the cork and float it in water. It will turn to point North or South, depending on which end of the magnet was used.

Recognising objects that will be needed onboard the ship


Hide the object cards around the inside of the meeting place, allowing one set for each group. Give each six a sheet showing the 6 objects needed onboard ship and leave them to hunt for them.

Following a constellation trail

Getting ready to hunt constellationsThe Constellation signs will need to be hidden round the outside of the hall before the meeting starts. Tie them to trees etc so that the Brownies can follow a specific route around the meeting place and spot the stars in order.

Choose one adult to be in charge of taking the girls along a pre-set route. This adult will give the Sixer a sheet with all the constellations she is looking for and a pen.

As the girls walk along this route (torches in hand) they will look out for the stars, writing down the order in which they passed them.

Tying knots

Which knots you decide to do with the girls is up to you. I find a reef knot and sheet bend are good introductions. If you need to revise your knotting skills, try this website. We always use strawberry, apple and cola laces to tie the knots. That way the Brownies can eat them when they've finished - always a good incentive!

Repairing the boat

Each Brownie is given a piece of wood, a nail and a hammer. Show them how to hammer a nail into wood in a safe and controlled fashion, then let them have a go.

Telling a story about their adventures at sea

Explain to the Brownies that life at sea can get pretty boring without an entertaining crew. Get each six to come up with a wacky tall tale about Sea monsters, Mermaids, boiling rain or anything else they fancy.

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