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Elfinland wide game  Eflinland wide game


This game was inspired by the boardgame. Our wide game takes place in a simplified version of Elfinland. Each six must try to visit as many villages as possible, buying tickets to travel between the villages and earning money along the way.


Equipment needed: 12 tables, village name signs, a map for each six, small cardboard squares in 5 different colours (optional), job advertisments, elf boots (enough for 5 pairs for each six), elf pictures (4 different sets of twins for each six + one single picture for each six), plain paper, coloured pencils, wizard spell cards, 'coins', ride tickets, free ride tickets, several adults.

NB: Most of these items will be downloadable as a Word document soon. (I need to redo them, as we used cards from the boardgame which are obviously subject to copyright.)

Setting up the hall: You need to arrange 12 tables in a hall or on a field. Each table should correspond to a village on the map. On each table place a 'Welcome to' sign, a job advertisment, any equipment relating to that job and a postcard for each six to collect. An optional extra is to lay the paths out between the villages using small coloured squares. Use a different colour to denote desert, forest, grassy plains, mountains and rivers. At the foot of each path place a reminder of which tickets can be used. (This can help the Brownies to visualise the paths if their map reading is not very good but takes a while to set up.) In an out of the way place, set up a ticket booth by laying out the ride tickets and some change, along with a Pack Leader or other helper ready to sell the tickets.

Explaining the game: Give each six a map, 3-5 coins, some plain paper and a free ride ticket. Explain to the Brownies that they are going to visit Elfinland. They must try to visit as many villages as possible. They will need to buy tickets from the ticket booth to travel between villages. In order to earn enough money to do this they will need to undertake some or all of the jobs found in each village. (Optional extra - charge 2 coins to visit the ticket booth. This makes the game much harder as they need to plan ahead and buy several tickets at a time.) Have one adult shadow each six for their first few villages to check they can read the map and know how to work out which tickets they need. After this the adults need to be available to hand out coins when the jobs have been completed.

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