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Each six is given a 'TARDIS' location. The TARDIS is pre-programed and will activate every ten minutes (you could make this slightly shorter if required). All members of the six must be sat in the TARDIS at this time or they will be left behind. (Groups need a watch and a one minute warning rang be given by blowing a whistle or ringing a bell.) When the TARDIS 'lands' each group is handed a different mission. Each mission is based on a Dr Who episode. The winning six is the one which carries out its missions successfully and works well as a team.


The game can work for up to five groups of children.
Mission statements for each six/group: set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4, set 5.

This game needs at least four helpers (though they need not all be adults); one to supervise the macra mission, one to supervise the doorlock mission, one to accompany the girls looking for werewolves (unless they are considered old enough and the area safe enough to do this alone), and one person to hand out the mission cards and be on hand to answer any queries.

This game will take 50 minutes if groups are give ten minutes for each mission. This is the maximum time they will need and could be shortened to eight or even five minutes (though some missions will be unlikely to be completed by many groups if they have only five minutes).

Werewolf Mission

The Doctor has taken you to a Victorian House called Torchwood. The year is 1879. Werewolves are threatening to kill Queen Victoria. To save Queen Victoria you must locate and shoot ten werewolves.

Equipment needed: 10 werewolf pictures (preferably laminated), a torch, water pistols
Setting up: Hide werewolf pictures outside
Helper: Depending on the area used an adult will probably be needed to accompany the Brownies

Macra Alien Mission

The Doctor has taken you to the future Earth. The year is 5000000046. The Macra are terrorising the motorway.
To help save the people trapped on the motorway you must jump from car to car and stun the Macra.

Equipment needed: 3 beanbags, as many hoola-hoops as possible, 15 macra alien pictures
Setting up: Stick the macra alien pictures to a wall. Lay out the hoops with as large a gap as is possible to jump.
Helper: Explains to the Brownies that the hoops are cars on the motorway. They must jump from car to car carrying their beanbags and, on reaching the bottom layer of the motorway they should throw their beanbags at the macra. The helper should take down any macra picture that is hit. The aim is to clear all the pictures. These must then be stuck up again before the next six come.

Tudor Carrionite Mission

The Doctor has taken you to Tudor England. The year is 1589. The witch-like Carrionites are threatening the Earth. To save the Earth you must find five of their voodoo dolls tied with ___________ colour wool.

Equipment needed: 5 voodoo dolls for each six. Each six should have a different colour wool tying them.
Setting up: Hide the dolls around the meeting place.
Helper: A helper is needed to hand the mission to the girls and show them a sample 'voodoo' doll so they know what they are hunting for. They should not be needed after this.

Open the Locks Mission

The Doctor has taken you aboard a space ship that is being dragged into the sun. You must get the doors open in order to reset the controls. To help save the spaceship you will need to enter the correct answers into ten locks.

Equipment needed: door lock questions and answers
Setting up: The door locks (the questions with a blank rectangle beneath) need to be stuck on a wall or (if possible) door. Stick four locks on the first door and five on the second. Lay out the answer cards on a table or on the floor.

Helper: Explains to the Brownies that they need to put the correct answers into the locks in order to open the door. When they have all the answers in the first door the helper should open the door if they are correct or tell them the door is still locked (in which case the Brownies try again with different answers). As time goes on the adult can give bigger clues if the Brownies are struggling. When the first door is open the same thing is repeated for the second door.

Translate the Ancient Writing Mission

The Doctor has taken you to a mining station far away from Earth. Written on the walls of the station are words so old the TARDIS can not translate them. To help save everyone on the station you must use one of the worker's notes to read the strange writing.

Equipment needed: A large piece of paper with made up 'writing' on and sheets with notes showing how to decode the writing, blank paper and pencils.
Setting up: Stick the paper to the wall and put the notes on a table along with the paper and pencils.
Adult: A helper is needed to hand the mission to the girls and show them were the writing and notes are. They should not be needed after this.

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