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Dragon Attack

Dragon wide game

The version below describes how we adapted the game originally found at:


There are 8 fearsome dragons living around [insert the name of your meeting place]. They have been eating up Year 1 children from the [insert name of a local school]. It's only a matter of time before they start on Year 2! The only way to stop them is to collect one piece of gold from each dragon and place the gold in a circle around a dragon egg. This will send the dragons to sleep. To overcome each dragon you will need to follow these instructions.


Equipment needed: 3 beanbags, multiple chairs, large dice, candles, water pistol, matches, a dyed chicken egg, yellow/green/red and blue 'dragon' footprints made from card (the number will depend on the area you are playing over), craft supplies (for example pens, card, sugar paper, tissue paper, glue, scissors, cellotape etc). You will also need 'gold', a dragon, cows, sheep, pigs and fish - downloadable here as a Word document.

The Guider in charge of the game starts by reading the premise and hands an instruction sheet to each six. The following activities should already be set up.

1) The first dragon lives in a maze. Brown Owl will show you to the start of the maze and tell you what to do. When you reach the dragon – take the gold and run out of the maze before the dragon can catch you.

Guiders: Use chairs to create a short maze. At the centre of the maze a Pack Leader or Young Leader should be curled up asleep with 1 piece of gold for each six spread around her. Each six should choose a Brownie to enter the maze. The rest of the six will take it in turns to roll a dice and the Brownie will move the number of chairs shown. When she reaches the centre she must creep up and take 1 piece of gold. If she wakes the dragon the young/pack leader will chase her out of the maze. If she is caught the six must send a new person into the maze. As soon as a six successfully makes it out of the maze with their gold they can move onto their second dragon.

2) This dragon has fiery breath. You must put out the fire before you can steal his treasure. Ask Brown Owl to show you where the dragon is.

Guiders: Place candles in a safe place outside. Each Brownie must put out a candle by firing a water pistol at it. Make sure they stand in the same place each time. The Guider they are sent to for this activity should be carrying 4 pieces of gold.

3) Go outside and hunt for the dragon’s lair. Steel 1 of the dragon’s eggs. Be careful – dragon’s eggs are very messy if they break! Be careful – the dragon may come and chase you. If the dragon catches one of your team they will have to wait inside until you have got the egg.

Guiders: Hide 4 dyed chicken eggs outside (they can be raw or boiled depending on how evil you are). Make sure there is a piece of gold with each egg.

4) This dragon is very hungry. The only way to distract it is to find 8 fish/cows/sheep/pigs. You will find them in and around the hall – but only in the places you are allowed to go! When you have found the fish/coes/sheep/pigs feed them to the dragon (Tawny Owl) who will then let you take some of her treasure.

Guiders: Hide the fish, cows, sheep and pigs around the hall in advance. Make sure the Brownies know not to touch any animal other than the one they are collecting. The Guider they are sent to for this activity should be carrying 4 pieces of gold.

5) This dragon has hidden his gold in an outdoor lair. Follow the yellow/green/red/blue dragon footprints to find the lair and steal a piece of the gold. Be careful - the dragon may come and chase you with its watery spit (a water pistol).

Guiders: Lay out each set of coloured footprints so the Brownies can 'track' with them. Make sure there is a securely placed piece of gold at the end of each set.

6) This dragon will need to be knocked unconscious before you can steal her treasure. Take it in turns to throw beanbags at the dragon. When you have hit him enough times, you can take some of his treasure. Ask Tawny Owl to show you where the dragon lives.

Guiders: Stick/pin the dragon onto a wall. Get the Brownies to throw beanbags at it from behind a certain point. You can change how many times they have to hit the dragon, depending on how good they are at it. Everyone should get a turn. The Guider supervising this activity should be holding 4 pieces of gold.

7) This dragon can only be overcome by a spell. Find something beginning with D, R, A, G, O and N. Do not collect anything from outside as this will break the spell. When you have the ingredients for the spell show Brown Owl.

Guiders: What you allow for this spell is up to you. I told them that anything alive, 'disgusting' or that you couldn't pick up and move would not count. (This led to a rather worried Brownie asking if she had to pick up our male unit helper as their 'r' was Richard!)

8) The final dragon (Little Owl) can only be chased away by a fierce dragon. Using the card and equipment in your six corner make a dragon to scare her away. If you succeed in scaring her she will abandon her treasure – and you can take one piece of it.

Guiders: Have a pile of junk/craft material for each six to use. They spent ages on this section - which is why I would recommend having it as the last task!

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