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Brownies in Italy

In Italy the Italian Scout Federation accepts both girls and boys. It consists of the National Girl and Boy Scouts (CNEGI) and the Catholic Guides and Scouts.

The CNEGI Cub Promise is:

I promise to do my best to love God, my Country and my Family, to follow the pack law and to do a good action every day.

To see the kind of things the Italian Cubs do take a look at this page and this page.

Follow this link to see the uniform they wear and the badges they gain.

To download some Italian scouting songs click here.

Games played in Italy

What's the time Mr Wolf?: One Brownies (the wolf) stands at one side of the hall with her back to the others who stand against the opposite wall. The Brownies say, "What's the time Mr Wolf?" The Wolf then says a time. The Rainbows take that number of small steps. When the Wolf is ready she shouts "Dinnertime". All the Rainbows run back to their 'home' wall whilst the wolf tries to catch them. Whoever is caught becomes the next wolf.

Along the Streets of Rome: One Brownie (the guard) stands at one end of the hall with her back to the others (the soldiers) who stand against the opposite wall. The guard says, "One, two, three, along the streets of Rome" whilst the soldiers move towards the guard. When the guard has finished the sentence she turns round. Anyone she sees moving must go back to the start. The soldiers must completely freeze. The guard then tries to make them laugh. Anyone who laughs must go back to the start. The guard then goes back to her end of the hall and says the sentence again. The winner is the soldier who gets all the way to the guard. She then becomes the new guard.

Games Based on Italian

Numbers: Play string bags (like ladders but without legs joined) but use italian numbers instead of english ones.

Colours: Teach the Brownies basic Italian colours. When you say each colour the Brownies should do a particular action. The last Brownie to do the action is out.



Mosaics: Use coloured pieces of card to make Italian style mosaics.

'Painting' the Cistine Chapel: Print pictures of the cistine chapel like those on this website. Explain to the Brownies that Michelangelo had to lie on his back to paint the Sistine chapel. Stick the pictures under the tables and then get the Brownies to colour them whilst laying on their backs.

Make a postcard showing the sites of Italy: Draw or stick pictures from Italy onto a postcard.

Food Ideas

Making Pizza: You can make mini pizzas per Brownie using dough mix or larger pizzas in sixes (bases available from supermarkets). As well as the traditional tomato and cheese pizza you could try chocolate pizza (using chocolate spread on the base, sweets and then grated white chocolate).

Other Activities

Roman dice games
: The Romans enjoyed many dice games. Try playing a game like Tali/Yatze.

Counting in Roman Numerals: Make up puzzles using roman numerals or make shrinkle keyrings using the roman numeral that represents their age.

Please note: I am a Brownie Guider in the UK. These pages have been put together from research for our Thinking Day celebrations and badgework. I do not have any further information about or contact details for units in other countries.

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