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Dreidel Game


Make a six sided dice from a cube. Push a pencil or cocktail stick through the centre of the dice. One each of the four remaining faces draw:

Give one of these driedels to each six.

Brownies start with about 15 sweets. Everyone places one in the middle. Brownies then take it in turn to spin the driedel. If it lands on Shin (the first character above) they should put one sweet into the middle. If it lands on Hey (the second character above) they should take half the sweets in the middle. If it lands on Gimel (the third character above) they should take all the sweets in the centre. If it lands on Nun (the fourth character above) they should be nothing.


Traditional Latkes are made from potato. To make 20 small latkes you will need: 4 potatoes, 2 beaten eggs, 300g of flour and vegetable oil. Peel and grate the potatoes. Mix them with the egg and flour. Shape them into small flat pancakes then fry in a small amount of oil, turning occassionally until they are brown on both sides.

You can also make Latkes from apple. Replace grated apple for potato. Instead of egg use 1 1/2 tablespoons of honey or golden syrup. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon. After frying sprinkle caster sugar on top.

Hannukah Crafts


Stars: Brownies could cut out a six pointed star from dark coloured card, stick tissue paper to the back (to make stain glass effect) and then decorate with glitter and metallic pens.
Candles: You can buy moulding wax from Baker Ross which the Brownies can use to make shaped candles. You can also buy liquid wax pens to decorate plain white candles.

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