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Games played in Greece


Giants, Dwarfs, Birds and Witches: One Brownie stands in the centre of the circle. If she calls out 'birds', the Brownies pretend to fly around the circle. If she calls out 'giants' the Brownies stretch up high with their arms in the air and walk towards her. If she says 'dwarfs' the Brownies crawl on their hands and knees away from her. If she says 'wicked witch' the Brownies run away from her whilst she tries to tag someone. Whoever is caught becomes the new person in the middle.

Little Soldiers: One child is the soldier on guard. She stands with her back to the rest and shouts, "Little  soldiers  immovable, silent, sullen!" and then turns round. All the children must stand as still as they can. The first child pulls funny faces at them trying to make them laugh. The first person to laugh or move becomes the next soldier on guard.

Handkerchief: The Brownies are spilt into two even teams. Each child is given a number. A handkerchief is placed in the middle of the two teams. An adult calls a number. The child from each team with that number run to capture the handkerchief. The team that gets the handkerchief wins a point.

Berlina: One Brownie is chosen to leave the room. The other Brownies say nice things about 'Berlina'. 'Berlina' comes back into the room. A leader tells the 'Berlina' one nice thing that was said and she tries to guess who said it. When she guesses incorrectly, she has another guess until she guesses correctly. The child who said the nice thing then becomes Berlina.


Komboloi (Greek worry beads): Thread five or more beads onto a piece of wool or decorative thread. Knot the thread in continuous, loose knots to finish. For more information about Komboloi try this site.

Food Ideas

Get the Brownies to try Falafel, Pitta bread, Hommous, Tzatziki and Figs.

Other Activities

Zorba dance: Brownies form a circle, linking arms around shoulders or waist. They step right with their right foot, then right with their left foot, then right again with their right foot and then kick with the left leg. This is then done in reverse (left with their left leg, then left with their right leg, then left with their left leg and kick with their right). The steps gradually get faster as the music continues.

Plate tossing: Get each Brownies to decorate a paper plate and then see who can throw theirs the furthest.

Mini Olympics: You could hold your own olympic themed meeting.

Greek themed palminism: Played in groups of 3 to 6. Print out two sets of these pictures for each group. Stick them on to card and cut out. Lay the pictures face down. Each Brownie takes it in turn to turn over two pictures. If they match they can keep them. If not they turn them face down. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

Please note: I am a Brownie Guider in the UK. These pages have been put together from research for our Thinking Day celebrations and badgework. I do not have any further information about or contact details for units in other countries.

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