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Games with Eggs

Egg Hunt: You could use real eggs (as they do in the Netherlands) or chocolate eggs (as they do in France and Belgium). Hide them around your meeting place and let the Brownies hunt for them. To make it harder you can label the eggs with the girls names and make them hunt for 'their' eggs. Alternatively you could use paper eggs and make them collect multiple eggs to exchange for one chocolate egg.


Egg Bowling: Each Brownie is given a dyed hard boiled egg with their name on. The Brownies stand in a large circle with a plain hard boiled egg in the centre. They take it in turn to roll their egg into the centre. The closest egg to the plain one wins. (Played in many European countries.)

Egg Throwing: Brownies stand in a circle and throw hard boiled eggs to each other (or raw eggs if you're feeling evil!). When an egg is dropped, the Brownie is out. (Played in France.) An alternative version comes from Bulgaria were the eggs are thrown at the other players. The person whose egg is unbroken (or least broken) at the end of the game is said to be the most successful person in the next year.
Egg Cracking: Each Brownie has an egg. In pairs the Brownies take it in turn to tap the end of their partner's egg with their own egg. When a Brownie's egg breaks they are out. Their partner moves on to compete against the winner of another pair. The winner is the Brownie whose egg breaks last. (Played in Latvia, Australia and Austria.)

Egg Passing: The Brownies line up in their sixes. They have 1 egg per team. When the whistle is blown they pass the egg over their head, under their legs and so on until the egg reaches the last person. The last person then runs to the front and the team starts the process again. This continues until the first person is back at the front. The first team to reach this point wins. For a variation try giving each team more than one egg!

Egg Rolling: Each Brownie has a decorated hard boiled egg. They line up at the top of a small hill. When the whistle is blown the Brownies roll their eggs down the hill. The winner is the first one to each the bottom. (Played in France and the USA.)

Crafts with Eggs

Egg Painting
: Prior to the Brownie meeting blow enough eggs for each Brownie to have one. Attach a circle of sugar paper to the bottom of the egg using PVA.

Give the Brownies paint to decorate the eggs. You could show them examples of decorated eggs. For examples of Pysanky eggs follow this link.

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