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Finger or hand puppets on a Christmas theme

These puppets came from Baker Ross, but you could make up your own - or try finger puppets.

If using these you need to cut the thread in (at least) half or the Brownies get very tangled up.

Glass painting on Baubles

These were also purchased from Baker Ross. Make sure you order more than you need or well in advance as several of them have arrived cracked every time we've ordered them. For the Brownies I did some example designs and then let them lose with the glass paints. For the Rainbows I predrew Christmas outlines which they then coloured with glass pens or paints. Baker Ross also sell kits for making sequined baubles which look really effective. They do however take ages to complete and most Brownies get bored before they've finished.


You need 1 gold doiley for the body and arms, 1/2 white doiley for the wings, a small polystyrene ball for the head and wool for the hair.

CD Decorations

Collect CD samples and then turn them into Christmas tree decorations by adding stickers and ribbon.

Stockings (and stars, Christmas trees)

The shapes are cut from felt. For the stocking cut two pieces and then sew together. For the star and Christmas tree cut two shapes and then glue together. Add decorations then sew ribbon in a loop to the top of your decoration.

Tree decorations

Use hamma beads to make Father Christmas faces, trees and stars for your tree.

Decorative fir cones

Collect fir cones. Paint them with PVA glue and then dip them in glitter. Add a wire tie to them and hang from your tree.

Paper chains

Cut strips of shiny card and then turn them into paper chains.

Other methods of making paper chains will appear here when I have some spare time!


Use model magic, clay or salt dough to make snowmen. When hard paint.

Swedish doves

Cut a dove body shape from card and decorate.

Cut a rectangular shaped hole where the wings should attach to the body.

Consetina a piece of tissue paper and then cut holes into it.

Push the tissue paper through the rectangular hole and open out the wings.

Secure the tips of the wings together with tape and add a piece of cotton.

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