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Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels

You need: A pack of dried peas and a pot to put them in, a small pot for each six and some wool cut into lengths of approximately 25cm.

Set up: Each Brownie is given a piece of wool. This is her 'tail'. She attaches it to her such that it can easily be pulled off (e.g. tucks it into her trousers). Each six sit in a corner of the play area with a small pot in front of them. Each Brownie is given a number (1-6). In the centre of the play area is a pot filled with dried peas (the 'nuts'). Spare tails are held by a Pack Leader.

Playing the game: A leader calls out a number. Brownies with that number run into the centre to collect 'nuts' and take them back to their pot. They may only collect one at a time. They may also steal other squirrel's tails. If their tail is stolen they can not continue collecting nuts until they get a new tail from the Pack Leader. The Brownies continue to collect nuts and steal tails until the leader shouts 'hibernate', at which point they return to their six and another number is called.

Winning the game: At the end of the game (usually when all players have had 2 or 3 turns) each six adds up their tails and nuts. Nuts are worth 1 point, tails are worth 3. The winning six is the one with the most points.

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