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  Medieval England Pack Holiday (23rd-24th August 2008)

This year we stayed at 'The Kathie Lamb Centre' in Staplehurst. Our theme was Medieval England. Our sixes were Ladies-in-waiting, Knights and Maids.

medieval england

On Friday afternoon we took part in a wide game. We tried to rescue Lord Gilbert who had been captured and imprisoned in the dungeon of a nearby castle. Before heading off we practised our horse riding and archery skills in a tournament and secured horses for our quest.

horse riding  archery

Before we could leave the castle there were jobs that needed to be done. We helped Merlin re-order his spells (he was so grateful he gave us a spell to make dragons sleep as he had heard that a dragon was guarding Lord Gilbert). We helped cook make some treats in the kitchen (these proved to be a useful bribe) and we made traps to catch the castle rats.

helping in the kitchen   rat catcher traps   helping merlin

We then went down into the village to find a boat. We caught wild boar for a local who wanted to start a pig farm. In exchange he gave us his boat. As we sailed towards our destination we encountered various challenges (including the unplanned challenge of heavy rain!). We finally reached the castle, put the dragon to sleep and rescued Lord Gilbert. The winning six then helped Lord Gilbert find his magic sword and return to his castle.

rained off for a bit  the winners!

The Cooks then helped prepare dinner and we all made medieval style headresses and King and Queen finger puppets.

helping cook dinner   headress made for Spikey   Headress

On Saturday we went by train to Tonbridge. We helped defend Tonbridge castle and (when we failed!) we went swimming. On the way back to the railway station we bought ice creams.

tonbridge castle   at the castle   ice cream at the castle

On Sunday we packed our bags, peeled potatos and then made jousting knights and masks.

potato peeling  making jousting knights  jousting knights

We then had a Medieval Feast, with the leaders acting as our servants.

medieval feast]  fancy dress at medieval feast  serving at the feast  fancy dress and feast

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