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Time Travelling Detective Agency Pack Holiday (2007)

This year we had a joint Pack Holiday with 4th Cambridge Brownies at Pax Wood Hall. We voted for 'Time Traveling Detectives' as our theme. Our sixes were Agents, Spies, Detectives and Investigators. The adults were Dr Who, Inspector Morse, Cadfael and Sherlock Holmes. We also had Pack Leaders called Rose and Martha.

Spy school  Spy school  Spy school

After unpacking we went to Spy School. We learnt how to take and identify different finger prints, use a pig pen code and a code wheel, hunt for clues using a magnifying glass and binoculars and write messages in invisable ink.

Adventure playground adventure playground adventure playground adventure playground

We then had a dinner of pizza, french bread and salad. After dinner we went to the Adventure Playground.

triffel  outlines on bags  tardis modrock

We then drew outlines on bags, used modrock to make TARDIS pencil pots, made tortillas for tomorrows lunch and individual triffle for the evening. We then had hot chocolate and went to bed. Eventually we went to sleep!

Solving clues  solving clues

On Saturday we began the day with a breakfast of cereal, boiled egg and soldiers and toast. We then took a train to Eynford and walked through the village to the Scout Hut. At the Scout Hut we ate out lunch of tortillas, crisps, biscuits and fruit. We then solved a code in order to make a potion that would help us blend in when we travelled to Norman times.

murder mystery  murder mystery  murder mystery

We then walked to Eynsford Castle where we journeyed back to Norman times to solve a murder mystery. When the murder was solved we walked back to the station, stopping to get a soft ice cream from an ice cream van. Unfortunately the man at the local village shop (who did not sell soft ice creams and had a sign up saying only one child was allowed in his shop at a time) felt that we should have bought our ice creams from him and yelled across the street that he hoped we all choke on them. Not a very nice man! Still, everyone else in Eynsford was lovely. When we got back to Pax Wood we enjoyed a dinner of chips and chick sticks with triffle for afters. We then had showers, hot chocolate and went to bed.

painting pots  sniffer dogs  painting bags

On Sunday we woke up to a breakfast of cereal, crumpets, toast, English muffins and yogurt. After duties we painted our bags and TARDIS pencil pots and began making sniffer dogs from craft foam.

tudor  sewing  polishing shoes  brass polishing

For lunch we had roast turkey, potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli, sweet corn, sausage, stuffing and gravy. For afters we had vanilla or mint vienetta. In the afternoon we went on a series of missions. In Tudor England we used Quill pens and gold paint to make illustrated manuscripts, in Victorian Kent we worked as maids sewing, polishing and cleaning and in War-torn London we sang patriotic songs.

dancing  dancing  dancing

In Ancient Egypt we painted tomb paintings, in the early 1960s we went to a rock and roll dance and in Ancient Greece we acted as bards telling the tale of Pandora's box. During each mission we had to make people believe that we were from their time and find and decode a hidden message.

painting  Painting  tomb painting  painting  painting

In the evening we enjoyed a buffet tea followed by fruit and a chocolate fountain. We then painted another coat on our TARDIS pencil pots, showered and went to bed.

dogs  eating BBQ

On Monday morning we ate cereal, toast, scrambled egg and bacon and sausage for breakfast. We then packed our bags, visited the campsite shop and finished off our TARDIS pencil pots, bags and sniffer dogs. At lunchtime we had a BBQ.

BBQ  Ice cream

After lunch we played a sniffer dog game. Each six were given an envelop with a strong smell inside it. We then had to hunt around the grounds for ten other envelopes with the same smell. After this we played in the Adventure Playground one last time, ate ice cream and had our closing ceremony. The Spies were given award certificates for their performances in the wide games and individual certificates and badges were handed out.


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