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Haunted House (2005)

This year we voted for 'Haunted House' as our theme. Our sixes were Ghosts, Vampires and Werewolves. The adults were Dracula, Moaning Myrtle, Raven and Casper. These were our charts:

The Program Chart
Who's Who Chart
Menu Chart
The Program Chart
The Who's Who Chart
The Menu

Duties Chart Stern Victorian photograph
The Duties Chart

After unpacking our bags and eating a snack we went to Chislehurst Caves for a special Ghost Tour!

Waiting for our tour   Outside after the tour

When we got back we cooked and ate dinner. We then made ghostly costumes in our sixes.

Making 17th Century outfits Making Victorian outfits Making Edwardian outfits In our costumes

After this we went for a walk around the Pack Holiday sight in the
dark to see if we could spot any other ghosts.

On Saturday morning we made toys and played games that dated from when we were alive.

Making a 17th century doll Weaving 19th century moving pictures Playing pick up sticks

On Saturday afternoon we went to a ghost school that held lessons to help us with our haunting skills.

Poltegiest Phenomenon Class: We practised throwing plates in exciting ways
and stacking chairs to scare the mortals who enter our house.

Stacking chairs to spook visitors Poltergeist stack Plate tossing

History of Haunting: We completed a quiz about ghosts and haunting.
All the answers were scattered around the house.

History of haunting quiz  History of haunting quiz

Face on Film: We made cameras and used them to take our own ghostly photographs.
Taking our photograph One of the negative and positive we took

Exciting Ectoplasm: We made three types of ectoplasm.

Making our first ecotoplasm  Making ectoplasm  Making our final ectoplasm

Defence against exorcism: We learnt a 'spell' to stop exorcisms.
We decoded a set of clues and found the corresponding objects to make the spell work.

Looking for the spell ingredients Defence against exorcism spell Defence against exorcism spell

On Saturday evening we performed plays that revealed why we still haunted the house.

We then learnt how to play the card game werewolves.

After this we went over to the camping field and had a
campfire. We sang lots of songs.

At midnight we had a midnight feast.

On Sunday morning we packed up our things, peeled potatoes and
then we took part in a ghostly treasure hunt.


On Sunday afternoon we went to Swanley Park to celebrate one of our birthdays. There was an adventure playground, a train, fairground rides and a paddling pool. We ate a picnic tea on the grass.

Going to the adventure playground by minature train  In the paddling pool  In the paddling pool
Tea cup ride  chair ride  Tyre ride
On the adventure playground  Eating our picnic tea

We returned back to the Pack Holiday house for our closing ceremony and then went home.
But maybe our spirits will always haunt the house?...

Goodbye everyone

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