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  Christmas (2004)

This year we voted for 'Christmas' as our theme. Our sixes were Holy, Ivy and Mistletoe. The adults were Father Christmas, Rudolph, Befana and Santa Lucia. These were our charts:

Christmas Activity Chart The Program chart Duty chart
Who's who? Chart
The Program Chart
The Duties chart
The menu chart
The winning placemat designer with her placemat
The Menu
Activity Chart
Our placemat

When we first arrived we decorated the house. We made glittered pine cones, paper chains, paper doiley angels, stockings, CD hanging decorations and Hamma bead Christmas tree docorations. We also drew the outline on a bauble ready to paint later in the day.

  pinecone decoration  Paper chains  making angels
christmas stockings  CD decorations 
Hamma bead decorations  Bauble decorations  putting them on the tree

We then made their own sandwich and ate lunch on the patio.


In the afternoon we played Stop that Grinch! The Grinch had tried to ruin Christmas for the Whos, and it was up to us to save it.

At the Who toy store the Grinch had muddled up all the jigsaws so we separated them back out. The Grinch had stolen all the instructions from the games and mixed all the pieces together so we made up new rules for the games. In the street the Grinch had scared away the Christmas musicians and smashed up all the intruments so we made junk instruments and used them to play Christmas songs.

sorting out the jigsaws making up new games making instruments

The Grinch had tried to wreck the carol service by reprinting all the hymn sheets with mistakes so we found and crossed out the bits he'd added. (Although he was very rude we thought he was a rather funny Grinch!) He'd smashed all the stain glass windows so we made new ones. The Grinch had stolen all the Christmas trees and baubles so we hunted for them and put them back together.

sorting out the mistakes A finished window Hunting for the baubles and trees

The Grinch had let Santa's reindeers out so we coaxed them back in. The Grinch had also ripped up all the card and wrapping paper so we made new ones from the pieces he left behind.

Brown Owl stars as a reindeer Reindeer Brown Owl is led back to safety Reindeer Brown Owl is coaxed forward a finished card

We then had free time. We asked if we could have a water fight and go to the adventure playground.

Water fight! at the adventure playground at the adventure playground at the adventure playground

We then helped to cook their tea on a bbq.

Eating dinner  Toasting marshmellows over bbq

In the evening each six was given a Christmas story from a different country to turn into a play. The stories were St Nicholas, Befana and Babushka. We then used glass paint to finish off the baubles and made Norwegian Christmas gnomes.

Painting our baubles  making christmas gnomes

After showers we went across to the outdoor chapel with torches and candles to sing Christmas carols. We then had hot chocolate and watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Singing by candlelight  Watching the Grinch

On Sunday morning we woke up to find that Father Christmas had filled our stockings. We then had breakfast and completed our six duties.

Opening stockings Laying the table Helping to cook the dinner

We then visited four countries to see how they celebrated Christmas. We made a decorative dove from Sweden, took part in Las Posada in Mexico, searched for the 13 Yuletide lads whilst avoiding the giant Yule cat in Iceland and they learnt the carol Il est ne le divine enfant in France. We then had Christmas dinner and a chosen Brownie gave the Queen's speech.

Making Swedish doves  Swedish Doves  Las Posada
Pinata  The scary Yule cat of Iceland  Eating Christmas Dinner

In the afternoon we visited another four countries. In Canada we built an igloo cake (not authentic but very yummy!), in the USA we celebrated Kwanza, in Norway we painted our gnome and in Sweden we made Santa Lucia biscuits.

Making an igloo cake  Kwanza ceremony
Making Kwanza cards Playing mancala Making Santa Lucia biscuits
Painting our gnomes The map we put our flags in

In the evening we had a New Year's Eve party. After eating tea we played musical statues, musical chairs and musical bumps. We then played tip-it and nine spot. After that we played Donkey, Happy Families and Pitt. We had party food and then at midnight we sang Auld Lang Syne and lit some sparklers.

Dressed up for the party  Sparklers

On Monday we celebrated 12th night and Epiphany. We had breakfast, did our duties, took the Christmas decorations down and packed our bags. We then went a-wassailing. We sang the wassailing song with actions, danced and yelled at the trees to wake up their spirits and then toasted them with lamps wool (well apple juice really).

 wassailing song
Waking up the spirits  Toasting the spirit of the tree

We then took part in apple bobbing, played flour pie and here come the Kings and decorated King Cake (more commonly associated with Mardi Gras but formally eaten on Epiphany).

Malteser in flour Apple bobbing Making King Cake

We then went to the shop and bought postcards for out American pen-friends. Whilst some of us were tested for our Cooks and Pack Holiday badges the rest of us wrote to our pen-pals. After lunch we had our faces painted.

Writing to our pen pals  Face painting  face painting

With the Christmas period over it was time to go home!

Goodbye everyone

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