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Space (2002)

This year we voted for 'Space' as our theme. It was the year that Jade was in the Big Brother House and the words 'mingin' and 'you chipstick' became popular. Our sixes were Mars, Galaxy and Milky Way. The adults were Orion, Gertie, Nebula and E.T.

On Friday evening we practised and then performed two plays that told the story
of two different constellations.


We then had a space themed quiz, played space noughts and
crosses and went stargazing.

At midnight we had a midnight feast.

On Saturday morning we made an E.T mask, a dancing alien puppet and a constellation telescope.

E.T. mask  Dancing alien 

On Saturday afternoon we played a wide game. Each six set off to visit a series of planets. We were Earth's Ambassadors and had to try and secure a peace and trade agreement with the leader of each planet. Before we could reach the planets we launched a rocket.

launcing the rocket

On planet Blob the aliens could not speak English, so they tried to teach us their language. (This involved Brown Owl saying blob-blob lots of times!) We then translated a piece of their writing into English.


On planet Jaden we took part in a friendship ceremony which included having our faces painted and swearing that we were all a bunch of chipsticks!


We also discovered a new planet and collected some information about its plant life, visited a planet where we made and exchanged friendship gifts and landed on a very scary military planet where they took us through various excercises and tried to convince us to sign Earth up to an interplanetary War!

At the dinner table we invented a new game - Pigmingin. We took it in turn to ask 'Would you like to buy this keyring?' and the next person said, 'Is it mingin?' This was passed in turn along the line until the first person answered, 'Only if...[and then whatever they fancied].' This was then passed back up the line to the person who was first asked the question who then says 'OK' and takes the keyring. And the whole thing starts again.

On Saturday evening we were invited to a Campfire by 1st and 2nd Borrowgreen
Brownies who were staying at the hall.

On Sunday we went on a space themed treasure hunt.

That helped us to finish our Stargazer badge.

In the afternoon we had a talent show.

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