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Witches and Wizards (2001)

This year we voted for 'Witches and Wizards' as our theme. Our sixes were Cats, Broomsticks and Moons. The adults were Salem, Willow, Ethel and Sabrina.

On Friday evening and Saturday morning we made dragons from model magic.


We made cross stitch witches.

Cross stitch witches   Cross stitch witches

And painted witches and wizards onto glass using special paints.

On the Saturday afternoon we played a wide game. An evil wizard was trying to steal a powerful amulet. Each six tried to locate the amulet before the wizard could get to it. In order to find the location of the amulet we needed to perform a spell which we were given at the start of the game. We wrestled dragons, visited the mystical wise woman, asked a troll to make up some spells for us, hunted for lost objects and helped out the High Priest. When we had all the ingredients we needed we put them together in the correct order and got a big surprise. The Moons were the winning six!

Troll shop Troll shop
Planning their next move The winning six

On Saturday evening we had a Witches and Wizards themed quiz. The Cats won Cream Eggs.

The winning quiz team

On Sunday we went to the Adventure Playground.


We also played our own version of Quidditch.

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