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Summer Term 2004
The Friend to Animals badge This term we gained our Friend to Animals badge.
The Friend to Animals badge
26th April: Friend to Animals and Brownie Scout letters

Giant Panda  Chimpanzee  Koala  The flag of California

Initially we played the games Mother Hen and the Old Oak Tree. We then split into groups. The Eagles invented a game and wordsearch puzzle based on Endangered species. The Oaks made a web page about animals, and the Acorns played a game of animal charades. The Acorns also wrote letters to send to their American Brownie Scout pen-pals.

View the animal web page we made Download the wordsearches (Word doc)
7th May: Swimming at Parkside Pools

Ready to go down the flumeAt the swimming poolOne Brownie convinces a leader to go down the flume with her!

We had missed our usual meeting due to the Bank Holiday, so we went swimming at the end of the week instead. One of us managed to persuade a Guider to go down the flume - twice!
10th May: Visit from police dog handler

A policeman came to talk to us about his dog, Rocky. He showed us the harness police dogs wear and we tried on an arm glove that protects the policemen when they are training the dogs. We watched as Rocky jumped over a bench and waved his paw at us. At the end of the meeting one of our newer Brownies made their Promise. Rocky looked a bit like this dog
17th May: Endangered Species Games and Quiz

We started the meeting with an endangered animals game and wordsearch that the Kestrals had produced. We then had a pub style quiz which included guessing animal sounds and naming different species. Whilst answering the questions we ate crisps and drank orangeade. Afterwards we went outside to play Poachers and Elephants. At the end of the meeting the Brownies taught Panther a new game - Duck and Goose. Elephant
24th May: Animal craft and web page

 Making web page Animal picture Glass painting

Initially we played Fishes and a game which used sign language. The Acorns and Oaks then made animal pictures. We all tried some glass painting, and the Kestrals made a web page about animals.

View the animal web page we made
7th June: Fair Trade Chocolate Evening

Unhappy families Chocolate palminism

We looked at the fair trade logo and discussed what fair trade means. We then played 'unhappy families', chocolate palminism, and fair trade chocolate human noughts and crosses. At the end of the meeting we taste tested some fair trade chocolate.
14th June: Barbeque and water games

We cooked sausages, made a sitter and played games with water. In one of the games we spun a bucket of water over our heads and passed cups of water upside down without getting wet (well nearly). We also played a team game where we had to transfer water from one location to another using a teaspoon.
19th June: Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills Ride Pleasurewood Hills Ride Pleasurewood Hills Ride

We spent the day at the Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park. We liked some of the rides so much we went on them twice. The shorter Brownies couldn't go on one ride without Panther - so she was forced to go on it. She felt very ill afterwards! For more information see our Trip section
21st June: Talent trees and home safety games

We started the meeting by playing the game 'Pirates'. The Acorns then made talent trees using leaf rubbings. They did really well, producing very attractive pictures. The Oaks and Kestals made board games to teach younger children about home safety. It was a little bit sad this evening because we had to say goodbye to a helper. She finished the meeting by leading us in a game of 'One knee'.
28th June: Yoga and Olympic preparation

Tree yoga position   Tree yoga position   Tree yoga position

We had a pow-wow to discuss a sponsored activity we are going to try in a fortnight and then enrolled one of our Brownies. We looked at past Olympic mascots and made badges to wear at our mini Olympics next week. For the rest of the meeting someone came to teach us Yoga. We all enjoyed ourselves and tried really hard to make the shapes (and the corresponding animal noises!). It was good fun.
5th July: Olympic Games

Olympic mascot The Olympic Rings An Olympic mascot

We got together with the Guides to hold our own Olympic Games. After an initial opening ceremony we played; Paralympic style Shotput (sitting down), Relay, Javelin (with plywood sticks), Goalball (well, sort of!), Discus (with paper plates), and a dressing up race. We finished the evening by presenting medals. The Leprechauns were the winning team. Well done to all who took part.
12th July: Sponsored disability challenge

We were sponsored to complete 10 disability related challenges to help raise money for the charity SCOPE.

(1) Colour a picture using your toes instead of your hands
(2) Write your name using your toes
(3) Play pass the parcel using one hand
(4) Play a team ball game without using your legs
(5) Play catch whilst confined to a chair
(6) Write your initials in Braille
(7) Sort different shaped pasta whilst blindfolded
(8) Identify 10 hidden objects using your sense of touch
(9) Play a game using sign language
(10) Play a game relying on lip reading
19th July: 90th Birthday Party

Playing chocolate six  Playing forfeit pass the parcel  Farewell to one of our older Brownies

After writing to our American pen-pals we celebrated the Brownies' 90th Birthday by playing party games and eating birthday cake. We said goodbye to two Brownies who have moved on to Guides - it will be very strange without them there next term!

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