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Activity Pack Holiday (August 2009)

Chistlehurst Caves

waiting to go into the caves  looking at the map at the cave entrance

Our first activity was a tour of Chistlehurst caves. Squirrel didn't like it when our tour guide turned off all the lights and then left us. She says she still hasn't recovered!

After our tour guide scared us

Gillingham Rebound Centre

Next we had a trampolining session at the Rebound Centre.

trampolining fancier jumps jumping on parachutes jumping into foam box

Agility and Campfire Challenge Badge

aerobics session campfire midnight feast

Back at the Scout Hut where we stayed, we tried our agility badge. This included a dance aerobics session. Later in the evening we had a campfire and worked on challenges for our Campfire badge. At midnight we had a midnight feast.


skiing  ski-ing  toboggan run

The next day we had a ski-ing lesson at Chatham ski centre. We also went on their toboggan run.

Capstone Country Park and Swimming

watching the ducks    picnic

We then went for a brief walk in Capstone Country Park where we had a picnic and ice cream. We were intending to stay out longer, but the weather quickly turned from bright sunshine to rain, so we headed back to the Scout Hut. We made fairy cakes and pizza for dinner. After dinner we went swimming at Splashes.

Ice Skating

skating  skating  skating  skating

The following morning we went ice skating at Gillingham Ice Bowl.

Rochester Castle

Rochester castle  rochester castle  rochester castle

Our final activity of the holiday was a visit to Rochester Castle.

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