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Things that go bump in the night sleepover (Summer 2005)

Ready for the party
In the summer of 2005 we had a Things that go bump in the night themed sleepover.

Our sixes were Witches, Vampires and Bats.
who's who chart
duties chart program chart food chart

Making spooky spiders
When we first arrived we made a tombstone to keep our crafts in, and a spooky spider and sandwich to eat. We then had a picnic in the park.

We practiced staking vampires by throwing darts at water balloons, hunted wearwolfs and subdued them with a silver (water) pistol and then played a spooky spider relay game. We then played a zombie game using our tombstones and vampire tag. Afterwards we had a race to see who could assemble a skeleton the fastest.

vampire staking capturing werewolves spider relay

Next we made beeswax candles, luminaries (using a hammer and nail to make holes in a tin can), glow in the dark fridge magnets and glow in the dark vampire shrinkles.

candle luminary and pencil toppers
fridge magnets

We then had dinner. The cooks (Vampires) helped to make chips, hotdogs and baked beans followed by ice cream and fruit salad. Bats helped to lay and clear the table and Witches helped to wash up.

spooky guess who
pin the wart on the witch
worm pie

We then made glow in the dark pencil toppers and got changed into our costumes ready for a spooky party. We played Who am I?, Pin the wart on the witch, Worm pie (wonderfully messy!), Wrap the Mummy, and Spider pinata.

worm pie wrap the mummy
wrap the mummy
spider pinata

We then got ready for bed and played Werewolves. Those of us who were not sleepy then watched A Series of Unfortunate Events and ate a midnight feast.

On Sunday morning the cooks (Witches) helped to prepare co-co pops, toast, crumpets and croissants. The Vampires helped to lay and clear the table whilst the Bats helped to wash up.


We then played a game in our sixes where we hunted for shapes with different letters and then solved their riddle. After that we made three ghosts happy enough to rest in peace - we made up games and toys for a child ghost, gave a theatrical ghost the chance to act in one last play and helped a ghost killed by a vampire to hunt and destroy her killer.

making a rag doll
vampires beware

The cooks (Bats) then helped to make pizza and baked potato and jelly and ice cream for lunch. The Bats helped to wash up and the Witches helped to lay and clear the table.

collecting spell ingredients
In the afternoon we played a game where we had to solve clues and collect ingredients for a spell. We then played Spooky spider relay and Werewolves.

We all gained our Craft badge during the sleepover and either a Sleepover or Another Sleepover badge.
craft badge

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