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Summer Term 2011
This term we are working on the Brownie Traditions badge, Laser Walking Challenge, Laser London Challenge and the Anglia Region's 40th birthday challenge.

2nd May: Orienteering at Wandlebury

This afternoon we met at Wandlebury for some orienteering.

9th May: Brownie Traditions part 1

This evening we learnt about the early history of brownies and rosebuds. We looked at a picture of Panther and her pocket books and badges (from the 1980s). For the rest of the meeting we tried on uniform and some activities from that time.


16th May: Brownie Traditions part 2

We invited "Brown Owl" (Panther's Mum) to visit. She brought with her an old brownie uniform, badges and cards from the 1950s. We learnt the old Six songs, Pack Salute and lots more. We then tried some activities from the 1950s, including learning to make tea.

23rd May: Brownie Traditions and Spy Games

As we arrived we designed uniforms and badges we would like to see in the future. We then played three games which involved solving clues, reading maps and learning compass points.

6th June: Tudor Evening

This evening we made paper dolls with Tudor costumes, cardboard castle and Tudor Rose sweets.

13th June: Mini Pancakes

This week we played a game involving bandaging and cooked mini pancakes over night lights.

18th June: London Trip

We had lunch at the guide headquarters, went on a walking tour round Westminster and had a boat ride along the Thames. We even got to go into Downing Street and have our photo taken on the steps of number 10!

20th June: Baking cookies, horse races and paper aeroplanes

This evening we made paper horses to race, baked chocolate chip cookies and had a paper aeroplane throwing contest.

27th June: Design your own town

As well as playing lots of games, this evening we designed our own town as part of the Anglia Challenge Badge.

4th July: Roman Themed Evening

Tonight we travelled back in time to the Roman Empire. We played a Roman board game, tried on Roman outfits, made up plays to Roman myths, made Roman sytle bracelets and mosaics. At the end of the meeting we tried some (non icky) Roman food.

11th July: Finishing Roman meeting, woollen dolly and family trees

We began by making woollen dolly badges in our six colours. We then continued with our plays from last week and performed them to each other. We also continued with our mosaics and some of us drew a decorative family tree.

16th July: Maize Maze

Details to follow...

18th July: Seaside themed end of term party

Details to follow...

Activities to come this term include...

Animal themed camp
Native American themed Pack Holiday

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