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Summer Term 2009
20th April: St George's Day Activities

finger puppets

27th April: The Right to be Heard pt1

We played a series of communication games (including a mimed version of Chinese whispers and the word game taboo). In our sixes we then decided what we would do if we rules the world. One six wanted to improve heathcare and hospitals for everyone around the world, one six wanted everyone to be kinder to animals and more environmentally friendly and our third six wanted to ban school and have brownies everyday!

4th May 2009: Messy Evening

face painting  foot painting  goo

We played with goo, tried foot painting, hand painting and even nose painting! We also used face paints to decorate our faces and made models from glittery play dough.

11th May 2009: Monkeys

monkey note holder  monkey note holder  bingo game

We made monkey note holders, played a monkey themed bingo game and made posters encouraging people not to own monkeys as pets or on a different topic we felt strongly about. This meeting completed the Right to be Heard badge for most of us.

18th May 2009: Reptile Experience

Reptile experience tortoise snake snake

During six time we made snakes. We then had a visit from the Reptile Experience. We held snakes, lizards and a tortoise.

giant snake  reptile experience

1st June 2009: Castles

In our sixes we turned cardboard boxes into castles and played castle themed games such as catching rats.

8th June 2009: First Aid Badge

recovery position]  recovery position

We went to the six time shop and played several running around games. We then learnt about first aid, bleeding and the recovery position.

15th June 2009: Games

During six time we made penguins, tried face painting and did some hand painting. We then played lots of games for the rest of the meeting.

22nd June 2009: First Aid and Mud Pies

During six time we started to make star fish, jelly fish and craft foam trolls. We then learnt about  broken bones and burns as part of our First Aid badge. We finished the meeting by making incredibly messy, yummy edible mud pies.

29th June 2009: Crystal Maze Wide Game

Tilt maze Spooky temple pyramid puzzle

In six time brownies finished making their star fish, moon jelly fish and other jelly fish and played games. The brownies and guides then spilt into teams of four to try physical, logical and teamwork games from three 'zones'; medieval, industrial/futuristic and Aztec.

6th June 2009: We can't remember!

Panther was too busy organising pack holiday and our centenary party that she forgot to update the site. I'm sure we did something good though!

13th July 2009: End of Term Party
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