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Summer Term 2007
Water safety badge
This term we gained our Water Safety and Entertainer badge.
16th April: Challenge Evening

Finger knitting  Communication game with lego  Steady hand challenge

In six time the Imps made bracelets, the Leprechauns played hunt the owl, the Elves did some hand painting and the Pixies did some face painting. We then tried 20 challenges including finger knitting, communication games, skipping backwards, eating a donut without licking our lips, memory games, drawing with our feet and decoding secret messages. At the end of the meeting we played 'Would you like to buy this Teddy?' and 'Music Man'. We then sang Alice the Camel, Everywhere You Go, Three Little Angels, Pizza Hut, Skunk Song and I Wish I Was A Little Round Orange.

23rd April: Water Safety Part I

Hand painting  Learning safety flags and signs

During six time the Imps made plaster cast fridge magnets, the Leprechauns made finger puppets, the Elves decorated cakes and the Pixies did some hand painting. We then sang The Ants Went Marching and Everywhere We Go and then played Wee-Willy-Winky. After this we played two games, one in which we found out about sources of water pollution and another in which we started to learn the water safety flags and signs. At the end of the meeting we played Fishes and Cat and Mouse. We also sang 50 Years on an Iceberg and I Stuck my Head in a Little Skunk Hole.

30th April: Water Safety Part II

scratch stickers making up a dance water safety running game

During six time the Imps were meant to paint their plaster cast fridge magnets, but some of them had broken so they did a little finger painting and then made scratch stickers. The Leprechauns and the Pixies also made scratch stickers and the Elves made up a dance. We then had a pow-wow to discuss themes for Pack Holiday. Next Otter led us in a running game about water safety. we then solved a jigsaw puzzle which revealed the water safety code. To complete our water safety badge Panther gave each six a quiz to test what they had learnt. We all gained our badge! At the end of the meeting we played wink murder and sang Oh You'll Never Get to Heaven.

14th May: Felt Making

Playing Pitt   Making bracelets   Playing beetle

During six time the Imps went on a blindfold hike, the Pixies played Beetle, the Leprechauns played Pitt and the Elves made bracelets. We quickly discussed Pack Holiday, voting for 'Time Traveling Detectives' as our theme and then played Motherhen. A special guest then came and taught us how to make decorative felt. At the end of the meeting we sang Pizza Hut, Crazy Elephant, Three Little Angels and learnt two caterpillar songs, My Ship Sailed from China and a song about a button factory (led by our three oldest Brownies).

felt making Felt Making Choosing coloured wool Making a picture

21st May: Planning and Games

singing button factory song 

In Six time the Imps played hunt the Owl and Jenga, the Pixies made bracelets, the Leprechauns played the poison pebble game and the Elves made scratch stickers. We then sang lots of songs whilst a six at a time visited the Six Time Shop and planned six time for next term. We then played Cockatu Centry, Honeypot and Fishes.

4th June: Starting our Entertainers Badge

Practising puppet show  scratch pictures

During six time the Imps went on a blindfold hike, the Elves played Uno, the Leprechauns made fridge magnets from plaster and the Pixies made scratch pictures. We then tried some line dancing and then split into four groups. One group learnt another dance, one group rehersed a puppet show whilst the other two groups rehersed short plays. At the end of the meeting we watched the dance and puppet show.

9th June: Gulliver's Theme Park

gullivers gulliversgullivers

We went on a District Outing to Gullivers. We went on lots of rides and in a maze. To find out more about our trip visit our trips section.

11th June: Practising for our Entertainer's Badge

Decorating cakes  Please Mrs Butler

During six time the Imps decorated cakes, the Elves played poisonous pebble, the Leprechauns played Uno and the Pixies had a go at face painting. We then practised the dances and plays for our Entertainer's badge. At the end of the meeting two new Brownies made their promise and we watched the Cinderella play, the Witches from MacBeth and Please Mrs Butler.

18th June: Practising for our Entertainer's Badge


During six time the Imps played poisonous pebble, the Pixies and Leprechauns decorated cakes and the Elves played Happy Families. We then practised our dances and leart a poem as a unit before splitting into groups to rehearse our plays. At the end of the meeting four new Brownies made their promise.

25th June: The Performance!

We invited our parents to watch our Entertainer's performance. Between us we performed a poem, three dances, three plays, a puppet show and a song.

2nd July: Wacky Sports

fish blowing   Mummy race   Dressing up race

During six time the Pixies played Jenga, the Leprechauns did some hand painting, the Elves had a go at face painting and the Imps did some glass painting. We then made six flags/banners for our wacky Olympic games. The events included a pasta relay, blowing fishes, obstacle courses, wrapping people up as mummies, an 'egg' and spoon race and a dressing up race (where we wore an extra set of clothes). At the end of the meeting we sang the Crazy Elephant song and I wish I was a Little Round Orange.

8th July: Pack Holiday Preparation and Challenges

smores  Mouse finger puppets  sun sensitive pictures

During six time the Pixies played Beetle, the Leprechauns did some glass painting, the Elves made scratch pictures, and the Imps made craft foam finger puppets. We then played Fishes. Those going on Pack Holiday made placemats and a video to introduce themselves to the other Brownie Unit who will be on the holiday. Everyone else made smores, mouse finger puppets, pictures with sun sensitive paper and placemats.

15th July: End of Term Party

Party food  Party food

During six time the Pixies made jigsaw puzzles, the Leprechauns went on a blindfold hike, the Elves did some glass painting and the Imps tried face painting. We played party games and then ate lots of party food.

10th-13th August: Pack Holiday

Egyptian painting  Dance  Eynsford Castle Murder Mystery

This year our theme was Time Travelling Detectives. Our long weekend included a trip to Eynsford where we solved a murder mystery and a series of missions that took us to many time periods. For more information go to our holidays page.
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