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Communicator Badge  Artist badge
Summer Term 2006
Right to work togeter
Hostess Badge  Home Safety Badge 
This term we gained the Right to Work Together badge. The Oaks gained their Artist badge, the Kestrals gained their Hostress badge and the Eagles gained their Home Safety Badge. Those not coming to Pack Holiday earnt their Communicator badge.
24th April: Working Together (Our Rights, Our Responsibilities! badge)

Tonight we created a new six - the Imps. We played Motherhen, Titanic, Walk together and Shapes. Each six then worked together to create a sculpture using newspaper.

1st May: Group Activities

We started the meeting by playing pirates. We then split into our groups. The Acorns made talent trees, the Oaks made birthday cards and sent a letter to the Queen, the Kestrals planned a birthday party in honour of the Queen and the Eagles started their Home Safety badge. At the end of the meeting we sang 50 years on an iceberg, Oh you'll never get to heaven, three little angles and pizza hut.

8th May: Pack Holiday letters and Communications Badge

writing to pen-pals    Communicator Badge

At the beginning of the meeting we played Fishes. We then did a Global Footprints quiz. Those going to pack holiday then wrote to members of the Pack we are going with whilst the other Brownies played communication games as part of their Communications Badge. At the end of the meeting we learnt a new song - Little Skunk. We then enrolled a new Brownie.

15th May: Group Activities

Animal Tracks Home Safety badge

We started the meeting by enrolling a new Brownie. We then played Wee-Willy-Winky. After this we split into groups. The Acorns searched for animal tracks and made plaster casts. The Oaks started a scraping picture for their Artist badge. The Kestrals made decorations and a pass the parcel ready for their party (and Hostess Badge). The Eagles made a game to finish off their Home Safety Badge. At the end of the meeting we sang Pizza Hut and I wish I was a Little Round Orange.

20th May: Trip to Wood Green Animal Sanctuary

stroking a cat at Wood Green  Looking at the rabbits  Stroking a puppy

Last term we held a sponsored silence for Wood Green Animal Sanctuary. We raised £225. Today we went on a tour of Wood Green and gave them our cheque. We saw dogs, cats, rabbits, small rodents, goats, sheep and even a lama!

Handing over the cheque!

22nd May: Pack Holiday and Communication Badge

Those going to Pack Holiday designed placemats. The Kestrals finished off their party preparation and everyone else played communication games as part of their Communicator badge. We then played Wee-Willy Winky and gave out lots of badges and letters!

5th June: Birthday Party for the Queen

This week the Kestrals threw a 1926 themed birthday party in honour of the Queen. We played old fashioned games and ate traditional 1920s party food. The Kestrals gained their Hostress badge.

12th June: Reptile Experience

holding lizard    holding snake    stroking lizard

We had a visit from the Reptile experience. We saw a scorpian, a taranchula, several lizards and several snakes. Most of us held a lizard and a snake.

giant snake

19th June: Pack Holiday and Safety in the Home

At the start of the meeting we played Mother-bird and Wee-Willy-Winky. Those going on Pack Holiday then made their placemats whilst the others played safety in the home games and learnt how to use a public telephone. Our pre-enrollment Brownies made good turn cats and played the good turn game. At the end of the meeting we practised some songs ready for our Pack Holiday campfire.

26th June: Space Wide Game

rocket experiment experiments

We began by playing Space Stations. Each six then completed a mission given to them by 'The European Space Agency'. They made a balloon rocket, undertook scientific experiments on the alien planet, made a hovercraft rover, discovered alien life forms and collected fuel pods so that they could return to earth. The Leprechauns won the game - well done!

discovering aliens hovercraft rover

3rd July: BBQ and Water Fight


This week the weather was VERY hot, so we went outside and had a water fight. We then had a BBQ. Whilst our food was cooking we sang Three Little Angels, Everywhere We Go, Little Skunk Hole, Oh I Wish I was a Little Round Orange, Pizza Hut, Oh You'll Never Get to Heaven, Crazy Elephant and Auntie Monica.

10th July: Fun at the Fair

Fairground fair fair

Each six hunted for fairground pictures and found the hidden message they contained. We then played lots of fairground games. At the end of the meeting we sang 3 Little Angels and Oh I Wish I was a Little Round Orange.

fair fair fair
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