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Spring Term 2011
Orient Express Challenge     World Guiding badge

This term we are working on the Orient Express Challenge and World Guiding.

10th January: Paris

Gargoyle French uniform

On arrival each six was given newspaper, a pair of scissors and a roll of sticky tape. We were challenged to work together to create the Eiffel tower. Everyone worked really well as a team, but the Pixies tower was particularly good. We then played ladders using French numbers. Next we made French flags and Jeannette uniforms from hama beads. We also 'visited' Notre Dame by making gargoyles from clay and creating a rose stain glass window using glass paints.

Rose Window Gargoyle

17th January: Murder on the Orient Express

We took part in a murder mystery, set on the Orient Express. Each six interviewed suspects and searched for clues. At the end of the game each group accused a suspect.

24th January: Istanbul

Golden tulip picture Gozleme Turkish flatbread Spoon dance photo taken by jolynne_martinez

On arrival we made badges in the style of Turkish promise badges. We then played a running game. After this we made Gozleme (Turkish stuffed flatbread), golden tulips (because the Golden Tulip festival is held in Istanbul), tried a Turkish folk dance using spoons and danced a Turkish Oriental dance. The Gozleme photo was taken by Mussklprozz and the spoon dance photo was taken by Jolynne Martinez.

31st January: Party for Squirrel

Goodbye Squirrel!
Today we had a leaving party for Squirrel, who has been with us since October 2005. We made Squirrel fridge magnets, iced squirrels onto cakes and played lots of squirrel themed games. At the end of the meeting we had some party food and presented Squirrel with a photobook that we had added lots of memories to.

7th February: Prague

On arrival we made Shrinkle tags showing the brownie uniform of the Czech Republic, the Czech flag and the Czech promise badge. We then played a parachute game and Wee-Willy-Winky. We then learnt that Prague hosts an annual literary festival. In our sixes we chose a scene, character card, special object and super-power at random. We then made up a story using them, which we performed at the end of the meeting as short plays.

14th February: Environmental Games and Forget-me-not Elephants

As we arrived we coloured letters with flag patterns for our postcard exchange display. We then played a parachute game and the running game shops. After this we played two environmentally themed games. We then made Forget-me-not elephants. At the end of the meeting we played the singing game 'Cookie Jar'.

28th February: World Guiding

We made Thinking Day cards to send to another unit, played a game to discover the symbolism in the World badge and made jigsaw puzzles of the World Centres. This together with activities from earlier in the term completed the World Guiding interest badge.

7th March: Venice and Rome

Tonight we "visited" Italy. In Venice we looked at pictures of the mosaics inside St Mark's Basilica and made our own. We also made Venetian carnival masks. In Rome we coloured pictures of the Sistine Chapel whilst laying on our backs and played a Roman dice game.

14th March: Farming Game

This evening we played a team game to help us learn about fair trade and some of the difficulties faced by farmers in the third world.

21st March: Dragon Wide Game

This evening we heard the story of the Krakow dragon. We then played a dragon themed wide game.

28th March: Campfire

Tonight we had a campfire with singing and cooking dampers.
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