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Spring Term 2008
badges for thinking day south africa
This term we will work towards two badges from South Africa as part of Badges for Thinking Day. We might also work towards World Guiding if we have enough time!
world guiding
7th January: High School Musical Theme

As we arrived we iced biscuits with 'High School Musical' or the Wildcats logo and made High School Musical bookmarks. Those who finished early played musical bumps to the High School Musical Soundtrack. We then played basket ball and made cheerleader's pom-poms.

14th January: South Africa

beading  Part of our Ndebele style village  flag

We began by making cardboard wheels showing the uniform, promise badge and flag of South Africa. We then played Mice and Mealies - a game from South Africa and looked at photographs of South Africa. After this we made a South Africa flag using hamma beads, decorated paper houses in the style of the Ndebele of South Africa and made beaded jewellery. At the end of the meeting we played 'dizzy' - another game from South Africa.

21st January: Australian art and stories

dot painting  cross hatching style  campfire

On arrival we added the Australian uniform, badge and flag to our wheel. We then made a paper koala or platypus and had a go at an Australian themed crossword. Next we played a running game centered on Australian animals and talked about the different people and cultures in Australia. The rest of the meeting was focussed on Australian Aboriginal culture. We circulated round three activities. (1) We found out about dot painting and x-ray/cross-hatching styles of art and had a go at making our own pictures in these styles. (2) Round the campfire we were told an aboriginal story about the Bunjips and tried to capture them in the dark. (3) We tried to make boomerangs that would come back to us when thrown and followed Australian animal tracks to where the different animals were.

28th January: S'mores and Pancakes

After adding the American flag, uniform and promise badges to our wheel we played a racing game involving feathers. We then made s'mores (a favourite with US Girl Scouts) and tin can pancakes. At the end of the meeting we sang some American campfire songs.

4th February: Brazilian Carnival

making float  carnival  brazilian carnival

On arrival we added our final set of flags, uniforms and promise badges to our wheels. Next we played a ball game from Brazil and then five brownies made their promise. We then spilt into four groups or 'schools'. Each 'school' watched a short section of video from the Brazilian carnival, designed a float, made headresses and choreographed a way to move their float across the hall. At the end of the meeting each group showed off their creations.

18th February: World Centres

Pax Lodge  Our chalet  Our cabana  Sangam

Tonight we visited the four world centres. At Sangam we made rangoli pictures, at Our Cabana we tried papel picardo, at Pax Lodge we made a peace dove and at Our Chalet we played World Badge beetle and made a jigsaw puzzle.

25th February: District Thinking Day Celebration

This year our theme was Africa. The countries represented were Egypt, Madagascar, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Sudan. Activities included making clay cows, gekko bead creatures, foam chameleons, Kente weaving and gorilla puppets. (We also ate cake as it was Panther's birthday!)

3rd March: Constellation Charts and Plays (Skygazer)

Making constellation charts constellation charts constellation plays

As we arrived we played games. We then had a pow-wow to decide the theme for Pack Holiday (we have decided on Harry Potter). After this we played 'space stations'. We then made constellation star charts and acted out plays which told the story behind the constellations.

10th March: Observtory Trip (Skygazar)

moon rock talk moving telescope

Tonight we visited Cambridge Observatory. We were shown telescopes, pictures taken with large telescopes and rocks from outer space.

17th March: Easter Egg Hunt

easter chimes  egg bowling  egg under and over  egg and spoon race

We painted Easter windchimes, hunted for Easter eggs, played egg themed games including egg bowling and had an egg and spoon race.
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