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Spring Term 2007
The World Cultures badge This term we gained our World Culture Badge.
The World Cultures badge
8th January: Bell Ringing, Making and Planning

bell ringing  calendar making  bell ringing

We began the meeting with a pow-wow to discuss our ideas for this term. We then played Keys. After this we made thinking day cards, 2007 calanders and played hand chimes. At the end of the meeting we played wink murder and cookie jar.

15th January: Dance Around the World

At the start of the meeting we played fishes. We then tried three dancing styles - Egyptian, Bollywood and Greek. We particularly enjoyed the Bollywood dancing. At the end of the meeting we played wee-willy-winky and sang some songs.

22nd January: World Culture - Mexican God's Eyes

When we first arrived we had Six Time. We iced biscuits in our sixes and decided that we'd like to have Six Time on a regular basis. We then made Mexican God's Eyes. At the end of the meeting we learnt a new game - Music Maker.

29th January: World Culture - Japanese Doll Festival

Japanese doll in the making  japanese doll  Origami cranes

At the start of the meeting we used special books Panther had bought from New Zealand to decide what we would like to do in our Six Time next half term. Some of us found it very difficult to choose. We then found out why the paper crane is a symbol of peace and folded our own origami crane. Finally we made Japenese dolls.

5th January: World Culture - Stories from China and Central Africa

Bear game   Acting out a story from Africa

We began with some songs and then played Shops and learnt a new game - Mice and Mealie. After this we split into two groups. Each group performed a play that was based on a traditional story from another country. At the end of the meeting we played a listening game called Bears.

19th February: World Culture - Catching Up

Tonight we had our first real six time. The Leprechauns made up a dance, the Elves did some glass painting, the Imps decorated biscuits and the Pixies tried some face painting. After this we played Fishes. Some people then made Gods Eyes whilst others rehearsed a play from Russia. Those who had not missed any previous weeks played wide awake games. We then watched the play and sang some songs.

26th February: District Thinking Day

We joined with other Brownies, Rainbows and Guides in the local area to celebrate Thinking Day. We made hats in 'Holland', played waltzing Matilda and tried some Aboriginal painting from Australia, made shakers in 'Mexico', flowers in 'India' and many other activities.

5th March: Festival Food

making samosas   cooking mini pancakes   chinese chopsticks

In six time; the Leprechauns played with balls and skipping ropes, the Elves had a go at hand/face painting, the Imps glass painted wind chimes and the Pixies decorated biscuits. We then made tin can pancakes, samosas and ladoos. At the end of the meeting we tried eating rice and noodles with chopsticks.

12th March: Raven Style Wide Game

  Spider's Cave challenge  Dwarf Mine Challenge  Dwarf Mine Challenge

In six time; the Leprechauns made edible mud pie, the Elves made bookmarks, the Imps tried face painting and the Pixies played poisonous pebble. We then played a wide game inspired by the television show Raven. Each six had to undertake various challenges in order to gain raven's feathers. The team with the most feathers won. (Actually it was a tie between the Leprechauns and the Elves.) In the Dragon's Blood Challenge we filled a bucket of water with 'dragon's blood' after journeying over an obstacle course. In the Dragon's Egg challenge we hunted in the dark for Dragon's eggs. In the Dwarf Mine Challenge we described and identified runes in order to enter the mine; then completed a magic square in order to leave! In the Spider cave challenge we navigated the spider's web whilst blindfolded. In the Temple challenge we crossed an enchanted bridge safely by solving a riddle and then pieced together the pieces of an ancient ruined statue. In the Troll Riddle Challenge we solved riddles and answered true or false questions.

dragon's blood challenge   Dragon's egg challenge

19th March: Games Night

blindfold hike  Squirrel leads the game

During six time the Leprechauns had their faces painted, the Elves went on a blindfold hike, the Imps played poisonous pebble and the Pixies did some glass painting. We then had a pow-wow to discuss ideas for next term's meetings. After this we played Fishes, Wee-willy-Winky, Sleeping Lions, Squirrels and Motherbird. At the end of the meeting we sang some songs.

26th March: Easter Craft and Aerobics

In six time the Pixies painted egg cups, the Imps made Easter masks and the Leprechauns and Elves made Easter purses. Each six then visited the 'six time shop' to purchase the activity supplies they needed for next term. We then had a very special visitor come to do some areobics with us.
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