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Spring Term 2006
This term we worked on European themed challenges.
Looking at the things Violet's unit sent9th January: Brownies around the world

At the start of the meeting we read three of the postcards we had received from Brownies in other countries. We then played Wee-willy-winky, Fishes and N-S-E-W. We wrote postcards to send to Brownie Units around the world and discussed Pack holiday themes (short listing 3 - Narnia, Harry Potter and Madagascar). We finished the meeting by looking at the photographs and postcards Violet's Unit had sent us.

16th January: Greece


As we arrived we decorated plates. We then read the postcards we had been sent and looked at the uniform worn by Brownies in Greece. We then played a Greek running game, tried a Greek dance and ate some Greek food. After this we wrote secret Spartan messages, played Greek themed palminism and made Komboloi (Greek worry beads). At the end of the meeting we sang Everywhere We Go, The Princess Pat, Three Little Angels, Little Round Orange, Black Socks, The Ants Went Marching, and Cuddly Koalas.

23rd January: Russia

We started the meeting by reading one of the postcards we had been sent and playing Squirrels. We then made Russian dolls. We were going to act out some Russian folk tales but we ran out if time - maybe another year! At the end of the meeting Thumper led us in singing Three Little Angels and Cookie Jar.

30th January: Lace Making and Belgium Chocolate

listening to the lace making lady listening to the lace making lady Making lace

At the start of the meeting we played Wee-Willy-Winky. We then listened to a talk by a lovely lady from the University Lace Making Society. We split into small groups to have a go at making lace, play some European themed games and make sweets by dipping things into chocolate.

Making boxes for our sweets Making chocolate sweets One of the European games

6th February: Spanish Exploration Game

Learning how to hammer  Going off to hunt constellations  Making a magnet

We started the meeting by reading out some of the postcards we had been sent. Panther then explained that this evening we would be Spanish sailors who hoped to be chosen to crew a medieval merchant ship. As a six we had to prove that we could follow whistle calls (by playing a game that used them), repair the ship (by hammering a nail into a piece of wood), navigate using the stars (by following a constellation trail outdoors), recognise items needed on the ship (by finding hidden objects like astrolabes and telescopes), tie knots (using strawberry and apple laces) and make a compass (using a nail, cork and a magnet). We then learnt a new song about an iceberg, and then sang 3 Little Angels, Pizza Hut, Oh I wish I was a Little Round Orange, Princess Pat and Everywhere We Go.

20th February: Sponsored silence with added Dinosaurs

cardboard dinosaurs  stainglass dinosaurs  dinosaur chocolate nests

This evening we held a sponsored silence to raise money for Wood Green Animal Sanctuary. Whilst we were being silent we tried some activities relating to dinosaurs. We made cardboard dinos, stainglass dinosaurs, fossil imprints, erupting volcanoes and chocolate dinosaur nests.

27th February: Games Evening

Beetle Drive   Playing Uno

We started the meeting by playing Shops. We then Played Wee-Willy-Winky. After this we had a Beetle Drive, played Kim's Game, Uno and Pitt.

6th March: Dinner Party


We layed the tables and prepared the food. Whilst it was cooking we played Wink Murder and sang 50 years on an ice berg, Three Little Angels, I wish I was a Little Round Orange, Pizza Hut, Oh You'll Never Get to Heaven, Black Socks and All Around the Mountain. We then ate dinner with the Guides. For starters we had melon, dorritos and rolls with butter, cream cheese or mushroom pate. Our main course was pizza and garlic bread. Our afters was fruit salad, ice cream and butterscotch, chocolate or bannana angel delight.

13th March: Harry Potter Wide Game

We joined with the Guides to help defeat Lord Voldemort's plans to kill Dumbledore. We gathered together the ingredients for a spell that would counter Voldemort's curse.

20th March: Swimming

This week we went swimming at Parkside Pools.

27th March: Easter Egg Hunt

Egg races Cookie jar

We hunted for Easter eggs and chicks with our names on. We then played under and over egg races, roll the egg, Cockatu centry, Motherhen and The man in the moon. At the end of the meeting we learnt My Pack Leader Jumped from 40,000 feet and sang Cookie jar, Three little angles, Everywhere we go, Cuddly Koalas, Alice the Camel and Oh you'll never get to heaven.
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