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Autumn Term 2011
This term we are working towards our Road Safety and Science Investigator badges.

12th September: Welcome back brownies!

Tonight we played games, made apple pies, brownie law flowers and chose our six time activities for the half term.

19th September: Raven Quest Wide Game

This evening we played our own version of the television game Raven. Our warriers battled demons, crossed enchanted battlefields, solved puzzles and much more.

26th September - 10th October: Road Safety

Over these three weeks we worked on our road safety badge. We played games to help us learn about road signs, designed outfits to keep us safe at night, invented games to teach others about traffic lights, identified safe and unsafe crossing places and made up safety plays.

17th October: Iron Age theme

This evening we used two Iron Age recipes to make bread, tried weaving, made baskets and Iron Age style bracelets.

31st October: Halloween Party

Tonight we played Halloween party games, made Halloween bracelets and loot bags and ate a party tea.

7th November: Space Themed Wide Game

This evening we built balloon rockets and then...

14th November: Crystal Growing

Tonight we ...

21st November: Science Experiments

This evening we...

28th November: ?

Tonight we ...

5th December: Christmas Crafts

This evening we...

12th December: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Wide Game

Tonight we ...

Activities to come this term include...

Crystal Growing
Science Experiments
Christmas Crafts
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Wide Game

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