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Autumn Term 2009
7th September: Seaside Theme

shell creature  Shell paper weight

Each six made a seaside or under the water collage. We also made shell creatures and shell sand cast paperweights.

14th September: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)

As we arrived we coloured Rosh Hashanah themed pictures or tried Rosh Hashanah themed word searches. We then watched a video of children explaining a little about Rosh Hashanah. We tried some traditional Rosh Hashanah food, played Rosh Hashanah themed party games, did some apple printing and made our version of the Shofar.

21st September: Wise Owls

owl beaded keyring   owl beaded finger puppet

After six time and a game of Motherhen, we reminded ourselves of the brownie story. We then made our choice of 'wise owl' to remind us to help at home. We had the choice of beaded owls, owl finger puppets, owl hama beads and an owl collage.

For these and other owl themed activities please visit ideas4kids.

owl hama beads   owl collage

28th September: Talk from EACH

After six time we listened to a talk by a lady from East Anglia Children's Hospices. We will be helping 1st Whittlesford Rainbows to raise money for them later in the term. We spent the rest of the evening playing lots of games.

5th October: Discovering the Amazon Rainforest

Poison dart frog felt toys Jaguar masks

After six time we played a running game based on creatures from the Amazon Rainforest. We then looked at some pictures of people that live in the rainforest and talked about the food they eat. We then made frog bean bag toys, parrot bookmarks and jaguar masks.

To download templates for these and other rainforest activities visit the rainforest section of ideas4kids.

12th October: Endangered/Threatened Animals of Madagascar

Lemur puppet  Lemur and chameleon shrinkles

After six time we searched for hidden pictures of Madagascan animals and rearranged the letters on their backs to form a word. We then made lemur hand puppets and chameleon and lemur shrinkles.

To download templates and instructions for our Madagascan themed activities visit the Madagascar section of ideas4kids.

19th October: Divali Theme

Divali themed fuse beads  rangoli style sand picture

After six time we looked at pictures and objects associated with the Hindu festival of lights and played a game based on the story of Rama and Sita. Panther decorated ours hand with Mendhi patterns. We used coloured sand to make Rangoli pictures, coloured rangoli patterns and made 3D lotus flowers and diyas from hama beads.

You can download our drawing outlines and hama bead templates if you visit the Divali section of ideas4kids.

2nd November: Decades Wide Game

Tonight we played an adapted version of Anglia's Decades Wide Game. Details to follow.

9th November: Adventure 100 Challenge

We voted to hold a chill out evening. We melted chocolate, tried meditation and kids yoga and other relaxing activities.

16th November: WAGGGS Centenary Challenge

In sixes we wrote messages to send to other guiding units. We then took part in challenges from the WAGGGS centenary booklet, including making the number 100 with our bodies.

23rd November: Science Investigator Badge

We planted seeds and made balloon rockets. We also took part in science based craft activities, making playdough and a home-made lava lamp.

30th November: Science Investigator Badge

making pastels  finished home made pastels

We made ph indicator from red cabbage and investigated the ph of various substances. We also made our own pastels.

7th December: Science Investigator and Christmas Crafts

beaded decoration  icicle  christmas hama beads

We finished our Science Investigator badge by playing a game in which we found out about two scientists. We then made Christmas crafts; beaded decorations, finger puppets and hama beads.

Father Christmas Finger Puppet  Snowmen  robin finger puppet

14th December: Christmas Party

We had a party tea and played Christmas themed party games. We also enrolled two brownies - welcome to the unit!

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