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Autumn Term 2008
8th September: Parrots and Pack Holiday Video

balancing parrots   watching pack holiday video

Tonight we began by making balancing parrots. We then played Fishes and had a pow-wow to organise our new sixes. We then ate the left over midnight feast food from pack holiday whilst watching the pack holiday video that we made.

15th September: Working in our Sixes

vase of flowers  bicycle

As we arrived we chose a craft to try from the odds and ends box. We then played 'shapes' in our sixes. Can you guess what shapes we were making in the photos above? (Check the picture properties for the answer.) After this we listened to two brownie stories. We used them as inspiration to decorate our six time boards.

22nd September: Dough Modelling

making salt dough  making salt dough  making salt dough

During six time we worked from our new six time boxes. The Gnomes had the 'pirate' box, the Leprechauns had the 'tangles' box and the Pixies had the 'under the sea' box. Each box contains crafts, games and a six challenge based on the theme. After six time we played Squirrels and then mixed up some salt dough and made models for the rest of the meeting.

29th September: Hedgehog Cakes

making hedgehog cake  hedgehog cake

After six time we had a pow-wow to decide whether we would like to wear neckers. We voted to wear them and choose blue as our colour. We then played Motherhen and made hedgehog cakes.

6th October: Fairyland Adventure Game

After six time we journeyed to 'fairyland'. However - the fairy creatures we met were not the friendly, wish granting kind but those from the old legends who try to steal and (sometimes) eat children! Our mission was to meet six types of fairy creature and manage to escape them.

13th October: High School Musical themed evening

making sharpay glasses  high school musical  dance

After six time we made Sharpay style glasses, High School Musical jigsaw puzzles, pop-out cards and puzzles. One group performed a dance and song from the musical.

20th October: American Friendship Evening

After six time and a game we spent the evening making gifts to send to a unit in the USA. We made union flags from hama beads, brownie SWAPS from shrinkles, and English flags from small beads on safety pins.

30th - 31st October: Halloween Sleepover

halloween sleepoverhalloweenhalloween sleepover

We made lots of Halloween crafts, played Halloween games, held a sparkler and had a midnight feast. For further details see our holidays section.

3rd and 10th November: Circus Skills Workshop

circus skills   circus skills

Activities included making juggling balls, painting a clown's face on ourselves (or someone else), learning how to spin plates, and trying to unicycle, juggle, and use a Diabolo.

17th November: Circus Skills and Entertaining

In small groups we performed the circus entertainments we had prepared. We then auditioned for parts in a brownie pantomime.

24th November: Practising a Pantomime

After our usual six time and a game we split into groups to learn the words, songs and dances for a brownie pantomime.

1st and 8th December: Making Christmas Decorations and Plays

As well as the usual six time and games we made lots of Christmas decorations and performed parts of our pantomine. (We didn't manage to perform the finished panto to our parents as lots of people were away sick.)

15th December: End of Term Party

snowman    snowman

We played lots of silly Christmas and winter themed games (including turning a member of each six into a snowman). We then ate lots of yummy party food.
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