Solve that Sudoku

Solve your sudoku with this handy sudoku solver! Just fill in the numbers in the blank boxes, and click on the solve button below. Remember: only digits one to nine in the boxes.

Instead of just filling in the boxes with the starting numbers of your sudoku, you can put in all the numbers of the solution that you have so far. This will check that you have not made a mistake, and that the sudoku is still solvable from the position you have reached.

There are three possible outcomes: (1) There is no solution. This usually means you have put in the numbers wrongly, or added extra numbers. (2) There is no unique solution. This usually means that you have missed some numbers out. (3) A solution is found.

To fill in a box just click and type. You can also use Tab and Shift-Tab to navigate between boxes.

(This Sudoku solver written by Martin Porter, September 2005.)