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We are girls aged seven to ten. Our Pack meet in Chesterton (Cambridge, England) on a Monday. If you'd like to join us, please e-mail or telephone 01223 837325 for more details.

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Some Brownies call their Guider Brown Owl, but we call our leader Panther. We are also helped by Hedgehog, Thumper, Bambi and Richard. This year we say a sad farewell to Squirrel who helped us for several years - we hope you'll come back to visit sometimes!

Panther Hedgehog

We have four sixes:

The Leprechauns, the Pixies, the Elves and the Gnomes.

Leprechauns     Pixies        gnomes

We have two mascots; Spikey (who visits Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world) and Diamond the fox (who is looked after by a brownie each week).

Friends Around the World

Brownie around the world
As Brownie Guides we are part of WAGGGS - which means we have lots of Guide and Scout friends around the world. Each year we send postcards to several Packs around the world as part of the postcard exchange. You can zoom and scroll around the map below to see where our postcards have come from. Members can view the postcards by logging on to the members area.

We also enjoy swapping mascots with other girls around the world. In 2004 we wrote to Junior Girl Scout Troop 4031 from California. In 2005 we exchanged mascots with Junior Girlscout Troop 1297 from Chicago. In 2006 we exchanged mascots with Junior Girlscout Troop 1079 from New Jersey. In 2008 we exchanged mascots with a class in Kentucky. In 2009 we exchanged letters with Troop 197 in Arizona. In 2010 we exchanged mascots with a unit in Timboon, Australia.

Californian Troop Chicago troop Miss America
Things sent from Junior Girl Scout
Troop 4031 in California
Things sent from Girl Scout Junior Troop 1297 in Chicago and their mascot Violet
Miss America of Troop 1079, New Jersey helping us use chopsticks
chocolate mascot
Us with chocolate

Chocolate helping to make Geekos at our 2008 District Thinking Day
Us with "Chocolate" from Kentucky
Pippa the Penguin from Timboon, Australia.
If you're a member of the Girl Guides or Girl Scouts we'd love to hear from you,
particularly if you would like to exchange mascots.

You can send us a message by e-mailing our leader at

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