Louise Boulton

Louise Boulton

Some things I admit to being responsible for...



Crafts, games and other activities for children and families.

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  • Guiding Beyond Boundaries

    Guiding Beyond Boundaries

    A wiki intended to enable guiders from anywhere in the country (or beyond) to work together to produce guiding resources. Guiders can contribute at times that suit them and devote as little or as much time to projects as they choose. Current projects include resources themed around the Orient Express and time travel.

  • Join us and help create new resources: The wiki
  • For notification of completed resources: Google alert group
  • Guiding Centenary Email Message Exchange

    WAGGGS centenary logo

    A yahoo group for exchanging guiding centenary messages. The aim is to have at least 100 members so that we can find out how 100 different units are celebrating the centenary. Join us at: guidingcentenary

    Guiding Units

  • 4th Cambridge Brownies

  • 4th Cambridge Rainbows

  • 5th Rainham Brownies