planet gareth : poems : badgers!


Happy days are here again!
Time for Badgers armed with pen
To march toward the shores of Night,
Not fearing all the Evil Ducks
That hide beside the road in trucks.
For Badgers hold a secret Light -
Fluorescent peanuts they have brought
(A Belgian brand, and widely sought).
And should an Evil Duck stray by,
Beware! For Badgers, quick to think,
Will swiftly arm themselves with ink
And poke a biro in its eye.

And on they went - they knew their quest.
For some, 'twould be the final test,
To beat this Dark, at any cost.
They had no hat or mouse or sword,
Just pen and glowing peanut hoard,
And map, lest they got lost.
Thus, well-equipped, the Badgers strode,
With heads held high, along the road.
The Ducks who dared to cross their path
Soon found their problems mounting when
The Badgers brought out fountain pens
And left a sticky aftermath.

And so, with time, and no small luck,
They conquered hunger, fear and Duck,
And came unto the edge of Night.
In awe, they held their pens and breath.
Some cowards wrote themselves to death,
But Badgers are not very bright.
When truth Dawned, some began to weep,
Though many simply fell asleep.
The morning saw the rising Sun,
And so our Badgers end their quest.
So, well-deserved, they now can rest,
And eat their peanuts, one by one.

"Written September 1st 1998, 13:00-13:30, on a full stomach."
That was the tag line which accompanied the poem originally, so I'm going to believe it.

I like this one. I tend to think of most of my poems as just collections of words, but this one I am proud of. Although, to be fair, with Ducks and Badgers battling in the same verse, it probably couldn't go wrong.

© 1998 gareth taylor