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No doubt you came here out of idle curiosity from the Porter Stemming Algorithm page. Before you hastily return, you are welcome to look at the following.

This (jerkily) spinning can is the work of Philip Holmes Esquire, ingenious graphic designer and inventor of visual puns. I could never have thought up anything so clever. (Apologies to the Dr Pepper people!) spinning can
And this is a mug shot of me. When my friends saw it they set up a Fund on my behalf, out of which they were eventually able to present me with a comb. My current appearance is therefore somewhat less dishevelled. martin porter
(That was taken years ago. Here’s me today:) martin porter

About me

Well, I daren't break the code of English reserve by saying too much.

Likes: peace and quiet, worm-eaten books, perpendicular Gothic, keyboard music, Lucca, deciduous trees, Victorian terraced housing, Japanese prints, reading poetry, and black-letter type.

Dislikes: bright sunshine, disposable drink cans (like the one spinning above), chewing gum (especially when spat onto pavements), malls, musak, unstitched paperbacks, cars, graffiti, mobile phones, intransitive use of the verb ‘to lay’ and misquotations.

Reasons for complacency: Winning the 2000 Tony Kent Strix award. The 1998 award went to Stephen Robertson, and the 1999 award to Donna Harman. The 2001 award went to Peter Willett. (Go to Stephen's home page to get a glimpse of the owl on its plinth.) I need hardly say that I am in the most august company here.

Favourite web page: Is probably Cathy Decker's British Women's Novels, which has influenced my reading a lot over the past few years.

The back garden: A very important place. To see a nice painting of the view into the conservatory from the garden patio, all you have to do (all!) is go to the web site of Frau Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann at, go Weiter zur Galerie, then choose Stadt-Landschaften, and then England, and click on Die Teekanne (Ruths Garten).

(But this gets more complicated every time I try it, so I'm copying the image here:) the back garden

An oil version of this picture now hangs on the dining room wall which is behind the dark inner window you can see in the centre of the image.

Other things: I have joined the Smartlogik Action Group

After several years work, I have completed a new search engine called Grapeshot.

As a bit of fun, I have put together a Sudoku solver.

and a concordance for the Authorised Version of the bible. Say goodbye to Cruden.


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