5th Rainham Brownies
Past Uniforms

The Brownie uniform has changed a lot over the years.

Before 1917 Brownie uniform was not compulsory.

The first suggested uniforms were not brown, but blue.

Until 1917 most Brownies wore skirts and blouses in blue or brown.

The first compulsory uniform was a brown tunic dress.

 The first Brownie tie was worn with a blue uniform.

Before 1938 the tie for the brown uniform was brown.

In 1938 Brownie Packs could switch to wearing a gold tie.

In 1950 a brown beret was introduced.

In 1967 a new style of dress and tie were introduced.

In 1973 a knitted pom-pom hat replaced the beret.

In 1990 a new style uniform was designed by Jeff Banks. It featured much more yellow than before. Brownies were able to 'mix and match' which clothes they wanted.

In 2002 new uniform items were designed by Ally Capellino. Like the previous uniform it is mix and match.

What do you think the uniform will look like in the future? Click on the Brownie outline to download a sheet that will help you design your own uniform.

Brown Owl as a Brownie

1950s uniform
Mercedes as a Brownie

1980s uniform
Panther as a Brownie

1980s uniform

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