planet gareth : poems : nigel


Nigel was a chaffinch
Who lived upon a log.
His sister was a motorbike;
His uncle owned a frog.

He often spent his afternoons
Baking turquoise cakes.
He used to make them yellow, but
He learned from his mistakes.

He had a small umbrella, which
He'd christened "Mr. Bat".
He'd bring it out at parties, if
The party had gone flat.

Most of all, he liked his car
A big, inflated jeep,
Which, when poked with a biro, said
A quiet, plaintive "Eep".

Written spontaneously, although it doesn't show at all, in Clare's "Good Luck in your Retirement" card in February 1999, this probably deserves the blame for the subsequent birthday compositions.

© 1999 gareth taylor